1. HeyMimiko

    HeyMimiko Intro

    ˜”*°•.˜”*°••°*”˜.•°*”˜ .•*˜ Hello, I'm Mimiko! I like roleplaying and bunnies. I am easy to RP with and I like to draw. I also like the flavor Vanilla, hope you're okay with that chocolate lovers. I am a new member on the forums and server but I'm having a good time currently! Thanks for...
  2. VenusStarShip

    Hai~ peeps

    Hello! I'm Tiffany! I'm gonna tell you about....well...ME! So, here we go! I'm just gonna tell you TEN though. 1. I REALLY, REALLY like K-pop. (Favorite Girl Group: SNSD [Girls' Generation]) 2. I live in Korea, but I speak fluent English, since I'm part American. 3. My favorite BB admin is...
  3. ShadowCrystal99

    My Story <3

    Hello everyone who is viewing this post, I am well-known gamer on the Beanblockz server named 'ShadowCrystal99' As you may or may not have found me on some of the game choices to play on this network. Here is a proper Story of how I have come so far on this server I started playing on the...
  4. Strawberry

    I am a kawaii little sheep... <3

    Hi! My name is Skylar aka strawberrysheepy aka Strawberry. I love cute/kawaii things and I love to play survival 1 and 2. I wish everyone who applied for mod good luck. I love Netflix (very, very, very, very much :3) Some of my favorite shows are Doctor Who, Once Upon a Time, Breaking Bad...
  5. Hi! Im new to BeanBlockZ

    Hi there! My name is Brittonx. On the server you will know me as Puppycakes. Call me PupC! And im really glad to join BeanBlockz. I Saw LDshadowlady and Smallishbeans Trolling on here a while ago then i decided to join! Im glad to be part of this community! This server is really Fun! Love~ PupC