1. QxeenMia


    Hi :3 I'm Mia and I've been playing BeanBlockz for a while now, but only very few people know things about me so I thought I'd make an introduction... For starters I'm 10 years old and I live in England, ages away from London... about an 8 hour car drive. I live towards Wales. My birthday is on...
  2. NorthwindGuard

    Northy's Intro

    Hi, I'm NorthwindGuard. North, Northy, Windy, Guard, Northwind, or whatever works for you. I live in California (WEST COAST REPRESENT!). I like reading, books, broadway, fandoms, anime, etc. :) Favorite color: Black Favorite animal: Dog Favorite food: Crunch roll or Udon Favorite sport: Flag...
  3. Thinkinq

    My intro lol

    Hi im tomahawk21 or Toma for short. Im a knight rank on the server. my main nick is Toma my ign is Txma my hobbies include playing with my dogs, watch anime and more i just forget XD wel yeah this is my sad inro XD
  4. atala

    WOw I made an intro ❤︎ & a lot of bad grammar.

  5. Campy

    Campy's Intro :)

    *Updating this because why not* Heyo! I'm Campy :) I'm 16 (As you can tell by my profile). It's been I while since I made an introduction, but instead of making a new thread, I thought I'd just update my old one. I've been on this server for a while now, which has given me room to appreciate the...
  6. readyforit

    erm.. hello there!

    hi there!! i'm lizzie (ign dearlylizzie). i've been playing on this server for a while now, but i've never taken the time to make a proper introduction. so hello! i'd love to make some friends so if you see me online, talk to me! here's me with my head shop (i change my skin quite often...
  7. oHiThere!

    Hello! I came onto forums quite a while ago but for some reason, I've never done an intro. So here's my intro, I guess. I have been playing on BeanBlockz for about a year and a half I REALLY enjoy the server I love anime My 2 best best best friends are @Wulf and @Alexx and also @Tot My 4...
  8. LoliPlayz

    Find your name twin

    Let's say everyone's name.First type 'hello my name is ___' If you find someone who shares your name, you can be friends!!! The more unique your name, it's less likely that you will find one:) I'll start. Hello my name is Lara
  9. MissFeral

    Tere! ~Feral's Intro~

    Tere, my name is Kaja, but I mainly get called Feral online. I come from Estonia, but atm, am residing in the UK. .-. I used to play Beanblockz quite a wile ago, but never made an account on the forums, and tbh, I stopped playing minecraft for quite some time. But I'm back now :p Here's some...
  10. Coww

    Intro bc i can

    Haii I'm Emily [or moon] dis is an intro, so grab ur popcorn and Nutella! its about to get Boring AF My real name is Emily, but on games its Moon or moo I'm a cow child k-pop is my life [Got7, BTS, Twice] many more :> <--- that's just creepy you can find me on survival red <3 I have a demon...
  11. circustroll

    -=+=- Harley's Intro-=+=- (should've been ages ago)

    Aye Guys My Name Is Jasmin But If You Call Me That I Will Hunt You Down, I go by Alex or Squishy! I Turned 13 july 24 2016. I live in America, I applied for moderator! My Best friend is Lith, The Ex mod! I erm like black? I'm Emo, I guess??? I play on all the server! I like reading, fangirling...
  12. Blizzy


    Hey! I'm XxBlizzardxX and have had forums for awhile now, but never made an intro, so may as well make one now ^w^ I'm this derp blizzard, otherwise known as Blizzy, Bliz, Elsa, Nugget lord, and much more ;P Dont be afraid to talk to me, even though im quite awkward. xD You can find me usually...
  13. xXLindzXx

    =_+♥+_=Intro: About Linds=_+♥+_=

    I should've made an intro ages ago tbh... Some people may know me if you go on OP Factions??? Anways... if u DONT know me, well obviously my name is Lindsey, but most people call me Linds, and if u wanna know more about me or know about me at all, your at the right post fam! IGN: Aye_Linds_...
  14. Kxylee

    Random Intro!

    IGN- xXKawaiiGamingXx Old IGN- mincraftgirl101 What is your middle name- Ann What is your favorite subject at school- Im not in school at the moment but at my old school I loved physical education What is your favorite drink- Jappeneese Bubblegum Soda What is your favorite song at the...
  15. lovelee

    Introducing: Starry!

    Hello! So, I've been missing because of personal reasons, and I missed a lot, so for all y'all who don't know me, here's another introduction. What's your real name? My real name is Isabelle, or Izzy. Where do you live? Ireland. What do you like? Kpop, BTS, Pokémon, Minecraft, Harry...
  16. CorgiFarts

    TheRealCorgi's Introduction

    Hello! This is my little introduction! So you can know me better! IGN - TheRealCorgi Age - 11 (I'm A Young Little Butterfly) Facts About Me - I had 2 corgis before, and I can eat a whole jar of Nutella in an hour! Favorite Food - Spagetti or Icecream! Favorite Movie - Mama or Carrie (The New...
  17. TempoVargYT

    My Introduction :D

    So hi I recently just played on this server, and I am on my mobile and I can't seem to find the shop. xD ikr why can't I find the shop... but if you will give me the link please I would be really happy, because I am willing to buy a rank on this server :) REAL INTRO XD Hi, I am TempoVarg, and I...
  18. HeyMimiko

    HeyMimiko Intro

    ˜”*°•.˜”*°••°*”˜.•°*”˜ .•*˜ Hello, I'm Mimiko! I like roleplaying and bunnies. I am easy to RP with and I like to draw. I also like the flavor Vanilla, hope you're okay with that chocolate lovers. I am a new member on the forums and server but I'm having a good time currently! Thanks for...
  19. VenusStarShip

    Hai~ peeps

    Hello! I'm Tiffany! I'm gonna tell you about....well...ME! So, here we go! I'm just gonna tell you TEN though. 1. I REALLY, REALLY like K-pop. (Favorite Girl Group: SNSD [Girls' Generation]) 2. I live in Korea, but I speak fluent English, since I'm part American. 3. My favorite BB admin is...
  20. ShadowCrystal99

    My Story <3

    Hello everyone who is viewing this post, I am well-known gamer on the Beanblockz server named 'ShadowCrystal99' As you may or may not have found me on some of the game choices to play on this network. Here is a proper Story of how I have come so far on this server I started playing on the...