help me

  1. Bubblesplays

    I lost my fly and I’m not sure why?

    I use to have /fly back in 2016/2018 ish (I know it’s been years) but around 2016 near the end I think it was I won in a vote crate permanent fly and recently I’ve come back on beanblockz maybe like a month or 2 ago and I only just realised That I don’t have fly anymore so I’m a bit confused...
  2. SushiBurgerseatTacos

    Mod Question...

    Hello! I have a question. I was wondering when the next mod applications/when you are taking mod applications is. I would like to apply for a mod in the nearby future,and would love if someone could help me with this question!
  3. tranzekiel

    plot flags!!

    im certain this is a common problem, and i had one mod try to help before but i'm making apartments for people who are not trusted to my plot to come and stay. i want them to be able to use trapped chests instead of chests, but trying to have my partner test these chests has shown they cannot be...
  4. YuriIsBestGirl

    Being kicked while typing

    Okay, so I always type something thrn
  5. InWaters

    Lost my King Kit

    I was outside at my kit shop And was walking cause I needed planks Later I was coming back and a creeper and a skeleton blowed me entities got cleared and I lost my king kit Alot of wood MC IGN:Zreaoz Where am I:Survival 2 Creative 1 Skyblock 2
  6. StealthAS

    My commander rank.

    In short, i tried to reclaim as the mods spam out in chat, and i go to reclaim and . So i cant get my rank back and im just told the same thing. My user is in the image (Eclipsex).
  7. PaigeIsAwkward

    Rank Partially Nonexistent

    Hello all! I recently decided to rejoin the server and community, as I have been inactive for almost a year now. One of the reasons for my absence was that my rank mysteriously disappeared on some of the servers. I purchased the Titan rank I believe almost two years ago, and about a year ago...
  8. OneSaltyDuckling

    How do you get/earn money?

    I'm new, so I don't know how to get money. Like, Is there some sort of command I have to type in??? Please help >o<
  9. ElliwCymru


    sOOOO help, i was building my house in survival blue, and then i got stuck in a fence, and when i tried to break it, it kicked me out for flying reasons, as they say. i don't hack and don't know how to and will never do that. but i wanna build my house ;w;;;;; helpppp
  10. loza

    tutor me (;

    so. i want to learn to build. i'm 'okay' at building and have worked for a few servers as a builder, but i wanna learn to build and improve my lacked skills <; i can't house, i can't terraform, i also can't build realistic animals, boats, etc. but i'm pretty good at w/e. someone teach me to...
  11. LeCami

    Signature Questions

    1. I was trying to do a spoiler called "YouTuber Encounters?!" (Someone with a Lizzie skin wanted a screenshot with me) and when I tried to make the spoiler, the spoiler completely disappeared. Anyone know what I'm doing wrong? 2. Anyone up for making me some artwork for my signature? If so...
  12. I'm stuck in skyblock

    Hi! I fell over the edge of my island on sky block. Now I am stuck in a loop of me just falling all the time. I can't teleport because of the 'don't move the next 3 seconds'. So is it possible for someone to teleport me normally or anything. As mentioned I can't teleport myself, it doesn't work.
  13. This Skyblock problem may not be fixable but...

    So skyblock is usually my favorite game to play on servers, but today wasn't really a good day since I logged on and tried to make a cobblestone generator, I messed up 3 times! and I have reached my maximum reset limit. My main problem being, I let my brother play my minecraft sometimes but this...
  14. seoyoyo

    Why Do I Have So Many Questions

    So.... Whats an easy way to make money on skyblock for someone who has no clue how to play? lmao Also, I already have a triple block cobblestone generator thing
  15. SumSun

    HELP please..

    SO my username is sumsun (Knight: Summer) on minecraft but I changed it to Nesryn (Which I now regret) But when I tried to get back on beanblockz it just said "Not authenticated with" and now I can not get on. Can someone please tell me how to solve it. NEVRMIND I FIXED IT !!!!!!
  16. sofia.moon

    (^. , .^) Cute Free Custom PFP! (First 3 Ppl Only! :D)

    This is just for fun and to level;e up my drawings XD I know I did one a while back and got like, 80 something replies, and I will keep continuing on with them in due time, this is just a short thread for fun, and anyone who did not get theirs before will get there's eventually, and if u were...
  17. ColdStare

    Help me please I lost my own plot on Creative 2.0

    Ok so I have spent a total of 61 hours on Creative 2.0 working on that plot. I recently changed my name from ColdStare to AriaTheGoddess. I went onto creative 2.0 and i cant edit my plot. It says im not trusted. When i do /plot info over my plot im not there as the owner. It says the owner is...
  18. PaigeIsAwkward

    Resource Pack??

    Okay so I've been having trouble with resource packs as of today. I recently switched over to 1.10.2 from 1.8.9, resulting in all my favorite texture packs to be out of date. I can't find any of my favorites in 1.10.2, or at least they don't work...*ahem* dragon dance *ahem* I'm looking for...
  19. Txdoroki

    A glitch with the bug reports area... glitchception?

    I went to report a bug and this happened I entered my ign (which becomes the title) and i retyped the whole thing and it didn't work .-. halp
  20. alexx


    Hiya childrens, This is just a really quick post on something i kinda need help with :D by kinda i mean HELP ME PLEASE Anyway, i got some... interesting screen shots and i wanted to put them in a spoiler... i looked it up and yeah, no help really. :/ I uploaded the screenshots i wanted on...