1. puugss

    you can bring...

    hey, ok so im gonna get right into it were on a boat and you can only bring one thing with you so im gonna bring ... some pizza bc why not reply to me what your gonna bring. ill reply to tell you if you can bring that thing or not. there is a catch to this... whoever figures out the rule...
  2. shiv

    BBZ Hunger Games v1

    I was just talking to @mollyy and @Marian about the Hunger Games and I decided to make this. This time, I did Marian and I along with some of the other staff members. If you'd like to be in a hunger games, reply to this thread with your name and someone you'd like to be in a district with and...
  3. Aless


    Hey! Start a story then reply with 1 word and create a story. E.g Person1: One Person2: Day Person3: There Person4: Was Let your imagination flow STARTING WITH I
  4. Concentration

    I thought it would be fun to start the game concentration! In case you don't know how to play, You will be given a category and you have to come up with something that fits inside that said category. However you cannot have a word repeat. If someone messes up the next person can start a new...
  5. sofia.moon

    A 'Ban The Person Above You' Game :D

    Mk *claps* here's how it goes! The person above you has typed something You must reply And ban them for your own made up reason the last person to reply WINS dont let the person above you win MK?? LETS START <3 I Ban me for being shorter than all my friends <3
  6. loza

    the rhyming game <;

    okay, basically i'm bad at explaining so i'll make this short. you say a word that rhymes with the last. for example! billy: 'boot' sally: 'loot' k, seem easy enough? it also doesn't need to be spelt the same, it could be suit & boot for example, rhyming but spelt very differently, okay! lets...
  7. DaisyIsDead

    The object game <3

    This game involves you thinking of an object beginning with the last letter of the person above's object. For example box, xylophone, elephant and so on... Rules! You cannot play by yourself, this means having one person in between each of your posts. For example: Player 1 ~ box Player 2 ~...
  8. loza

    5 Word Story!

    This is a very fun, but a basic game! You have to add to the story, but you can only use 5 words, I decided 5 would work well, since you could have more input than one, or two! Example! Lucy: There was a man who Lotte: Had five goats and a Alfie: rainbow hat with gold inside Jaxon: He was...
  9. loza

    The Name Game!

    ○ I though since the most recent name game has 5000+ Replies, why not make a new one with zero! A fresh start! ○ If you don't know how this works, it's pretty simple ○ Example ○ Jenna: Aria Bree: Ali Sam: Ivy Brook: Yami ○ So in basic terms, you have to come up with a name that starts with the...
  10. oofbye

    Food Chain Game

    Welcome to the Food Chain Game! I've never started a forums game, but let's give it a go! To all my food lovers ;) (it's totally not like everyone here has to eat food..) Here we go! The general object of the game is to write a food of the following persons topic that you think would either...
  11. Snuggeh

    ☠ Ignore ☠

  12. Snuggeh

    Waiter, there's a ___ in my soup~♡

    I've seen this on another forum and it looked fun So I wanted to bring it to BeanBlockz! How to play: A customer will complain about something being in their soup . The waiter will give a reason/way to fix it. Example: SushiLover01: "Waiter! There's a fly in my soup!" WaiterL0L: "Well, grab...
  13. AyyItsJoe

    The Birthday Game

    Hey, I'm back with a game. I haven't done a game in a while, so this should be fun! So, I will write down things to dthe for each day of the month (1-31). Whatever day you were born on, you have to do what it says next to the day. So the 25th could say 'Have Starbucks' and that is a goal you...
  14. Tigerlillee

    Birthday Sentences

    Find your Birthday to make your life goal! P.S This is a stupid idea, I was bored ok. START : I WILL... 1st = Taco 2nd = BECOME a Pink fat unicorn 3rd = Find a Dancing salmon fish 4th = Kiss a Mystical blue/purple/orange/rainbow/yellow/glittery frog 5th = Eat another taco 6th = Become a...
  15. eriiin

    Staff vs Players

    Hi, so i was just looking around on another server forums (Idk if allowed to say other servers )and i saw this game ,Nons vs Dons it stands for non donators vs donators (thats what i think).So basically ,the goal of the game was to have the non donators reach 0 , or the donators to reach...
  16. ShadowCrystal99

    Website Game!

    THIS IS THE ORIGINAL WEBSITE GAME You'll be making one of these for the game Rules: -Nothing racist, offensive or sexual. -No trolling GIFs (Jumpscares) -Do not change your theme. -Themes must not be...
  17. Music Tag!

    Aloha. So, Music Tag is a game that I created. How To Play: I will comment a lyric then the person below me comments something they thought of when they saw my lyric. Then, the person below me will also comment a lyric then it goes on. Enjoy! Any questions? Let's Start! My Lyric: All my...
  18. ohibridget

    The Scenario game!

    This IS a repost, a better version! Ok, so how this game works is one person says a scenario, a good, bad, or iffy one. The next person has to respond saying what they would do in that scenario, and post a new one. Ill start Your car breaks down in the middle of nowhere and you can't get cell...
  19. frostbite

    What's Your Favorite Game?

    Hello :] So I Was Just Curious, Random Question, But Besides Minecraft, What Are All Your Favorite Games? I Won't Judge You, Don't Worry..! If It's Call Of Duty, To Dishonored, Or Even Pokemon. Now, Believe It Or Not, My Favorite Game It's Pokemon {xD} It's Actually Plants Vs. Zombies Garden...
  20. TheWIndyCity

    Anyone wanna play?

    Hey! Soooooo, i've been kinda bored playing GTA, Madden, and NHL15 on my ps4. If you got NHL15 and ps4, send me a msg! My PSN is FalcoSpawn if you're interested on going 1v1. Anyway, if u don't have it, post your fav game in comments :P lol, why not? XD