1. RoarToast


    Let's play Fibonacci! If you don't know what the Fibonacci sequence is, please read below: The Fibonacci sequence is a series of numbers, each one being the sum of the previous two. The beginning of the sequences goes: 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8 It can go on forever, so I want to see how far we can...
  2. Brynn

    Type the first word that comes to your mind

    Type the first word that comes to mind after one person to another and try to make a really long sentence. Goodluck!
  3. RoarToast

    Continue The Story

    Continue with the story with one word each post! Example: Person 1: There Person 2: Once Person 3: lived Person 2: A Person 4: Rabbit And so on. I'll start the thread off with Once.
  4. RoarToast

    Ping Pong

    Keep the pattern going! Example: Person 1: ping Person 2: pong Person 3: ping I'll start off with a ping!
  5. skinnycamm

    Alphabet game!

    Well ok. Hello. Do anything you want lol. idc. You can take this down this was a test for something heh.
  6. Rosaies

    Continue the story!!

    I saw this game on some other forums and I'm not sure if there already is one here but oh well It's basically where you write a sentence based on what the person has written above you Example:Person1: once upon a time Person2:there was a princess And you continue the story. Ok I'll start...
  7. hayes

    Typing Game!

    Type Your Name In The Comment Section Below With Your Eyes Closed! You Have 3 Tries Before You Are Out! Try Your Best! ------------------------------- If this game gets more than 1k views, I will create a better and more exciting game for you guys to play!
  8. ashleyx

    Two truths and a lie~~~

    I love making my comments very fun, colorful, and crazy. o_O:confused::D So throughout this challenge make sure your comment is super CRAZY! How this works: Anywho, I think you know how two truths and a lie goes. I say 3 statements, 2 are true and one is a lie. The first 3 comments will be...
  9. dcni


    How to play- I will say a sentence and you will have to add another sentence like 'berry was very small, he also-' 'He also loved eating, especially at Maccas! But-" Rules- >No inappropriate language >Keep it pg please (: >Don't be rude >No hate speech please Sentence: Lucy didn't wanna play...
  10. TribalWolf21

    I Need Help.

    hi, I'm having problems with the server. Whenever i try to log on to it, it disconnects me and says "disconnected". It has been happening for about two days now, and I want to be able to play with my friends. I don't know whats going on. Ps It lets me go on all servers except for beanblockz. thx...
  11. Jingle

    Ban the person above you

    Hello! My name is Jingle and I thought I would make a new forum game! First of all, I apologize if this idea has been done before, I really don't keep track of what has been done and what hasn't.. Anyways, I saw this on the SquishyCraft forums and I thought I would give it a go! How to play...
  12. loza

    the rhyming game <;

    okay, basically i'm bad at explaining so i'll make this short. you say a word that rhymes with the last. for example! billy: 'boot' sally: 'loot' k, seem easy enough? it also doesn't need to be spelt the same, it could be suit & boot for example, rhyming but spelt very differently, okay! lets...
  13. chanqkyun

    Would you Rather...

    Okay, so everyone should know how to play. But for the people who don't, let me explain how this works: Player 1: Would you rather Be rich or Be poor Player 2: Be rich Would you rather Be nice or Be mean Player 1: Be nice Would you rather... xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx And it just...
  14. DaisyIsDead

    The object game <3

    This game involves you thinking of an object beginning with the last letter of the person above's object. For example box, xylophone, elephant and so on... Rules! You cannot play by yourself, this means having one person in between each of your posts. For example: Player 1 ~ box Player 2 ~...
  15. MKSiblings

    Songs Game :3

    Imma Do a Song game cause I luv Music! :3 The way we will play this is someone will type a song with the last letter from the persons before song Example: Player 1: Thanks for the memories Player 2: Stereo Heart Simple huh, Can I start :3 Thrift Shop (Your Go Now <3)
  16. jbuggie08

    Post your best Gif

    wanted to see all of your best Gifs. What's your best Gif? Post a reply and keep the chain going :p If you see me around, don't be afraid to say hello ♡ User: [Knight] jbuggie08 Nick: Dxpressed Skype: jbuggie08 Life is simple, just not easy ♡
  17. Iara

    Would you Rather..

    I'm sure all you guys know what this game is about!! If you don't, you can always look it up cause i'm not good at explaining things from scratch :p So, what we'll be doing is Commenting a 'Would you Rather' for the next person, after, this second person will respond what they would pick and...
  18. loza

    5 Word Story!

    This is a very fun, but a basic game! You have to add to the story, but you can only use 5 words, I decided 5 would work well, since you could have more input than one, or two! Example! Lucy: There was a man who Lotte: Had five goats and a Alfie: rainbow hat with gold inside Jaxon: He was...
  19. loza

    The Name Game!

    ○ I though since the most recent name game has 5000+ Replies, why not make a new one with zero! A fresh start! ○ If you don't know how this works, it's pretty simple ○ Example ○ Jenna: Aria Bree: Ali Sam: Ivy Brook: Yami ○ So in basic terms, you have to come up with a name that starts with the...
  20. Snuggeh

    ☠ Ignore ☠