forum games

  1. Xoque

    Make-a-story Challenge

    Ok so, this is either going to work really well, or will turn out to be a complete mess. But that’s alright let’s find out. (Also after making this, I realised someone already did something similar ;-; rip) Here’s how it’s going to work: -I say a word, (e.g “He”) then the next person would say...
  2. Mxgically

    Keep One, Change One

    In this game, you have two words, but you change one of the words. Here's an example, then I'll start us off. _______ night cap cap gun _______ warm bread
  3. oceana

    Name Game!

    ○ I found this, but sadly it’s locked. Let’s start it over! A fresh start! ○ If you don't know how this works, it's pretty simple ○ Example ○ Jenna: Aria Bree: Ali Sam: Ivy Brook: Yami ○ So in basic terms, you have to come up Like if Bree said 'Ali' I could say Ivy because they finished on i &...
  4. Brynn

    Make a story

    Continue the story by saying one word! Example: 1st Person: Once 2nd Person: Upon And keep going!
  5. Jingle

    Ban the person above you

    Hello! My name is Jingle and I thought I would make a new forum game! First of all, I apologize if this idea has been done before, I really don't keep track of what has been done and what hasn't.. Anyways, I saw this on the SquishyCraft forums and I thought I would give it a go! How to play...
  6. plutoo

    Zombie apocalypse diary game, thing

    Zombie apocalypse diary. you are in a zombie apocalypse. you have a backpack in the backpack you have - flashlight - 2 AA batteries - matches - two cans of beans - one swiss army knife (nail file, scissors, and knife) - 1 cliff bar - compass - whistle - shotgun ammo (but no gun) - one thermal...
  7. PineappleWitchh

    Alphabet Soup :3

    (I found this on the internet so why not try it?~) lets play Alphabet Soup we will start with A A is for B is for and then go all the way to Z and start over? Let's try it? I will start it A is for Apple
  8. loza

    Rubus Game! ❤ +Examples!

    Rubus! You have to guess the sentence from the clues! Example! Stand I = I Understand (Get it?) One More Example! EASY = Bold & Easy Now! Figure out! So Dramatic Good Luck! ❤
  9. mayiloveyou

    Never have i ever...

    Well if you don't know what never have I ever is then.. basically you say something like "Never have I ever killed someone" <-- lol idk You say I have! or I haven't! so yeah
  10. xhypo

    Five Letters Game

    I've picked five letters, and I've listed them. The next person has to make a sentence using the five letters in beginning of words. The next player then has to make the sentence, then leave their own 5 letters . For Example: Player 1: A Y C T E Player 2 : Are you coming to eat (Player 2...
  11. xHeyimElla

    -=+=-Yes Or No? -=+=-

    Simple the person above u will ask a question and you will have to answer it in only YES or NO... Do you like Chocolate Ice-Cream..? :)
  12. RainbowSminleyCupcake

    Weekly Polls!

    Hi guys and welcome to my 3rd forum game! 1st forum game: 2nd forum game: In this game I will update this post with a new poll every thursday (in the UK anyway) and record...
  13. Starbucks


    So, there a about 700 pokemon, if not more. With that, there are so many names that sound like words. So, I made a game. The rule is, you have to make a sentance (Or song title) with a pokemon name in it. I already made a few, such as: -I'm not gonna Raikou a love song. Or -We were having a...
  14. RainbowSminleyCupcake

    The Similar Game

    Ok, so this is my first forum game so it wont be amazing In this game one person says a random word like 'milk' for example and the next person says something to do with that word like 'cheese'. This goes on for as long as possible without anyone saying the first word. I'll start with: Oranges