forum game

  1. Slasheh

    This or That (Forum Game)

    This game is pretty simple but if anyone needs an explanation here it is : Person 1#: Driving or walking? Person 2#: Driving. Daytime or night time? Person 3# Daytime. Dogs or cats? And so on.. So lets start with - Theatre or Cinema?
  2. Xoque

    Make-a-story Challenge

    Ok so, this is either going to work really well, or will turn out to be a complete mess. But that’s alright let’s find out. (Also after making this, I realised someone already did something similar ;-; rip) Here’s how it’s going to work: -I say a word, (e.g “He”) then the next person would say...
  3. Mxgically

    Keep One, Change One

    In this game, you have two words, but you change one of the words. Here's an example, then I'll start us off. _______ night cap cap gun _______ warm bread
  4. oceana

    Name Game!

    ○ I found this, but sadly it’s locked. Let’s start it over! A fresh start! ○ If you don't know how this works, it's pretty simple ○ Example ○ Jenna: Aria Bree: Ali Sam: Ivy Brook: Yami ○ So in basic terms, you have to come up Like if Bree said 'Ali' I could say Ivy because they finished on i &...
  5. HeyItsKitCat

    Yum! or Ewww!

    This is a forum game I found from another website, but basically you reply "Yum!" or "Ewww!" to the food posted last. For example: Random player: doughnuts Me: Yum! The first food is going to be a cheeseburger!
  6. Snuggeh

    Breaking up game~♡

    You're dating the user above.. But you want to break up :[ What do you say/do to break up with them? Example: Smellyboy101: "I want to break up with you because you don't have a cat." Ladybugxox: "I'm breaking up with you because you're very smelly." Etc etc. (This is for FUN! please keep...
  7. loza

    Rubus Game! ❤ +Examples!

    Rubus! You have to guess the sentence from the clues! Example! Stand I = I Understand (Get it?) One More Example! EASY = Bold & Easy Now! Figure out! So Dramatic Good Luck! ❤
  8. chanqkyun

    List All Different Animals !

    Rules: List Animals But Make Sure You Dont Copy Anyone Else's Animals Keep going till you cant go no more! I will start this off: Owl
  9. Cheshire

    Finish That Hamilton Lyric! // Forum Game

    If anyone has already done this, credit to them! So, If you have listen to the soundtrack or seen the musical Hamilton, this is the place for you! So the game is VERY easy, Someone says a Hamilton lyric and someone has to finish it, and whoever finishes the lyric says A new line for another to...
  10. RainbowWoomy

    Drawing Game

    Basically, one person says a theme and the other person draws it! For example: Person 1: giraffe Person 2: (posts url) doughnut In this game, we will be using Sketch Toy ( Post the URL of your drawing in your post! I will start: Octopus
  11. OfficerMalk

    Would you rather?

    Heyo my young potatoes! Now, this is pretty self explanatory. Just a game of would you rather, basically! First would you rather question is: Would you rather marry Melanie Martinez or Brendan Urie (regardless of sexuality here, of course xD)