1. Willoxo

    idk if this is allowed but.....

    so recently ive noticed ppl nicking themselves as someone their not therefore impersonating them and tp trapping people? this just happened to a fac member in our base and cause huge fight with someone with custom enchanted gear, ( we won ) she tped to said fac member and killed her to which me...
  2. LordDanielLin

    Full hacker Recruitment 2.0 uwu!

    Come everyone, Cooper's forum accidently went down I guess so I took the liberty as his second hand man to make another one for him :D. Rawr xD owo. Seriously replies only uwu! *blushes and looks away*
  3. RainGaming12

    Anyone Recruiting?

    Hey! I want to join someones faction please pm me or reply to ths. Im online everyday EST time, Im good at decorating, Raiding and ofc Being helpful. Things you should know: Im a good citzen,helpful and kind, I have the cosmetics pack and Like faction...…. Tysm if u let me join! I want...
  4. DayHG

    Who were the top 10 best pvpers on opfactions?

    My Top 10: 1. Zyxc 2. ILegitnessJack 3. BimoXT 4. Bazwick 5. DayHG 6. RoyalArt_ 7.xSailBoat 8. xCheckMate 9. RubberDuckyPlayz 10. Shadow_Slayz (Not counting cheaters, you know who you are)
  5. Oreace

    When Will Faction PvP Be Enabled?

    It has been quite a while since the factions server has been reset. When the reset happened the grace period was very welcomed, this allowed less experienced players to start out without worrying about dying to more powerful players. However it has been multiple weeks since the reset which means...
  6. RYouCereal

    update/Reset Factions

    Factions needs a reset to a higher version. Barely anyone's on anymore If it is gonna reset whats the date going to be?
  7. Sailboat104

    Factions Giveaway - xSailboat

    Hey, I will be doing a giveaway on the factions server including many op items such as diamond blocks, bedrock and spawner, as well as $100k in game money!!! Please enter, and hopefully you win! Good luck!! Here is a link to enter!:
  8. Sailboat104

    Introduction: Back Into Comunity, xSailboat

    Hey Everyone, Lately, or rather the past few month I have not been playing BeanBlockz as much. In this post I would like to discuss my whereabouts and what will come to the future, and will most likely be returning to the community. I've put it into 3 factors, so make sure to read it all. :)...
  9. Oreace

    Raise Sell Price For Factions

    Factions' economy has been deteriorating lately. For example many new players (Ranked and Unranked) have been struggling to even make under $10,000 (even when they play for several weeks), while a very slim quantity of players have even reached above $5million. The most predominant reasoning to...
  10. Shocker2015

    Factions Question

    Factions is still down! Any estimate on when it will be back up?
  11. BonelessPotato

    #Permitir espanol en el chat: We Need a Change

    Recently on the factions server a large argument spouted between 3 bilingual players, 1 english speaking player, and 2 moderators. Debate began about if Spanish should be allowed in the main chat on servers. In the end the rules won, as they always will, saying that we are not to use spanish...
  12. Mybeau


    Hey I mainly play on Survival Red but I wanted to try out some factions. I was curious if anyone was kind enough to let me join there faction? If not I totally understand ♥
  13. BonelessPotato

    I found green TNT on factions

    Lol. Okay so I did /wild and found this thing. Green Chopped up TNT. It's invincible but always has 8 hearts of health. I think I'm gonna name it Lenny. What do you guys think?
  14. Trace

    My rank disappeared?

    I hadn't been on the server for like a year, i decided to come back today, but when i logged in i noticed i didn't have my rank, as well as other commands i had bought in the past. Where or how can i restore my purchases?
  15. DaJelly

    Just wondering.. <3

    When will factions reset? Many people have been talking about factions resetting and i just wanted to know when. If you could answer this question please do. :)
  16. HiImPaul

    Factions World Reset

    On behalf of me and my friends, we were wondering if/when there may be a world reset for factions. I ask this because I saw some people talking about how they want a world reset, and there were some statements floating around about there being one soon. Personally, despite being somewhat new to...
  17. Blizzy

    Stackable mobs question on facs

    hello! So as stackable mobs on factions does a good job reducing lag, my chicken farm is ruined. It is now only the one chicken and so I cannot gain eggs (for my cakes lol) and its quite annoying. Also as I cannot breed them. Any way to resovle this?
  18. mayiloveyou

    Whats the best gamemode on beanblockz?

    This is just for fun c: I personally like skywars the best. :D Well idk bye x)
  19. LitPanda

    Is Factions Resetting?

    Everyone on the factions server claims its resetting but we've never had this clarified by staff. If it is please state when it's resetting.
  20. Oreace

    Next Session Faction Suggestion

    Do to normal faction gamemode resting soon i wanted to put out some suggestions for next session 1) Keep 1.8 PvP on Normal because 1.9/1.10 PvP Messes up not just Combat but the actual PvP Style of Gapple. 2) Add Bulk sell because no one likes sitting around all day selling iron, cactus or...