1. thegirlygamer65

    I can't see my disguises on my character

    So I got the Ultra cosmetics last night and when I put a disguise on my character (Ex; Enderman) all I see is my regular skin and I don't see the enderman. I've tried reloading annd exitting minecraft and going back in but it just won't work. If someone could help that would be greatly...
  2. suggestion for competitions server

    hi there! just a suggestion for the creative build competition server. i think it is a good idea to give everybody who enters worldedit. this way it would be a level playing field and nobody would have an unfair advantage over anybody else.
  3. xMintie

    What Can I do with this money?

    So in Creative there are little games like decrypt the word or who says first etc. and If you are the first who wrote that you gain money. It says: 75$ has been added to your account. So heres my question; where can I see how much money do I have and what can I do or buy with it?
  4. How to visit my other plots

    So, I bought 10 plots on the beanblockz shop and I was wondering how to go to them? I started on my second plot, but now I don't know how to go back to it.I'm stuck on my first plot. Can anyone help?
  5. chest

    On creative i want to be able to let people who arent trusted/added be able to use chest, doors etc. someone help me please <3 tysm
  6. Cant access creative

    It has been three days now, but every time I try to log on to the creative server it loads up the terrain then automatically boots back to a hub. I have tried reinstalling my game, also restarting my computer. When it first happened I did not die in a random place on the creative server I was...
  7. LillyThompson

    This is goodbye

    So, this has definitely been a long time coming. First of all, my old account, wagwanpiffting got hacked and there is actually no way of me getting into that again. So I am no longer a moderator or a titan anymore (rip.) I bought a new Minecraft account with plans to play beanblockz just like I...
  8. kaedeface


    im not sure if this is important or not, but I've been trying my best to vote and get worldedit to finish my build, but I'm not getting worldedit (creative). i've tried on both voting links but it's not working on either. is there anything wrong with it??
  9. Flowwy

    Dubai Hotel Build

    This is my build I have put only around a day into which I am still pretty proud of! Not my best ever work, but still at a good standard. This build all together reaches over 5million+ blocks! Let me know what you think of it! Thank you! ~ Flowwy ( Flow )
  10. rosetyler110


    Hey! Even though I've been playing on here since 2015, I'm still not a "pro" I suppose. For creative (1.0 if that's important) how do you set up a mailbox? I am really not sure if it's literally just a chest, or if there's a command or something, but I'd really appreciate any help. I have an...
  11. ThiccBriccc

    Head by database

    Okay I know this isn't a big deal but... I am a big anime fan and especially of Fairy tail. When going into the HDB section I looked for some skulls that had fairy tail characters. I did manage to find some but it was spelt wrong :/. As I said it isn't a big deal but it was spelt 'Fairy tale'...
  12. Kipper

    Problems joining the server.

    Hi. I just got my old laptop working and I wanted to try out minecraft again because i hadnt played in so long, on beanblockz i have the titan rank and i used to play on creative regularly... i couldnt get onto the server because i had the latest version of minecraft so i downgraded to 1.10 just...
  13. scealiaprivate

    World Edit on Creative for King Rank

    How do you use word edit on King Rank in Creative? Like literally how! I still don't get this world edit stuff that I see from the King Rank. What I am trying to do was to fill up the roof/walls/floors with dark oak wood planks none of them is working. I'm use to building it without it but...
  14. SimonSheep

    Creative 1 - Plot was deleted

    So this is a repost of a thread because my problem still wasn't solved. "Okay, hello! I am entirely confused right now and kind of frustrated. So, a couple of friends and I have—had, now—a plot together, consisting of four plots altogether. The plot had a few things, such as a couple small...
  15. SimonSheep

    Creative 1 - Plot was deleted?

    Okay, hello! I am entirely confused right now and kind of frustrated. So, a couple of friends and I have—had, now—a plot together, consisting of four plots altogether. The plot had a few things, such as a couple small houses and a Clue RP. The primary focus of the plot, however, was to be a...
  16. 666bot

    Creative Glitch?

    I find that every time i perform some commands, such as /p confirm to clear plot, or /p visit, it kicks me out of the creative server and back into the lobby? this also happens whenever i try to write something into a book and then exit out, like in a head shop or something similar. If anyone...
  17. PeaceofSunshine

    Sun's Beach Resort Getaway!! ...or Get Help?

    /p h PeaceofSunshine PeaceofSunshine 14;-2 Lizzie has gone on vacation to a beach resort, only to find the owner is missing! Can she find her in time?
  18. SxgarCxbe

    I Need help on a project on C1! <3

    I'm making a community center! (This might be a REALLY stupid idea :P) I'm accepting anyone that will be willing to contribute! I'm usually on 7 p.m. - 12 p.m. U.K. time. There is a picture of the plot so far! Do /p h SxltCxbe
  19. XMilkAndHoneyX

    O=T=S ~Group On Creative 1~

    hello! If you're looking for a group, msg me or coastwaves on creative 1 when I'm online and we will invite you to OTS! <3 -tulipathetic & coastwaves
  20. marrina

    Un-ignoring Doesn't Work

    So, I have a lot of people ignored, specifically on Creative 2.0, and I'd like to un-ignore them. People told me to do /unignore but every time I do it says "Error: Player Not Found". Does anyone know the correct command or how to fix /unignore?