creative 2.0

  1. marrina

    Un-ignoring Doesn't Work

    So, I have a lot of people ignored, specifically on Creative 2.0, and I'd like to un-ignore them. People told me to do /unignore but every time I do it says "Error: Player Not Found". Does anyone know the correct command or how to fix /unignore?
  2. GillibeansGaming

    Fandom Prom!

    On Creative 2.0 me and my friends will be hosting a FANDOM PROM! Cosplay as anyone you want, chat, dance, and have fun! There will be a discord server for this as well, if you want it, ask one of the owners! ;p Date And Time: Thursday, June 28th at 7 PM EST! Place: /p h:2 sxthlordaaron See you...
  3. OmiJosh

    What Happened To C2 & C3

    So, i have been playing on beanblockz for a while and i took a break last year to focus on school for a bit. C2 was my favourite server and most of the time had hundreds of people on it. When i logged back on i saw that the creative servers had kinda died... C1 is now the most popular server for...
  4. SocialPhobia

    -= Save Creative2! =-

    Dear Beanblockz Players, As Some Of You May Have Noticed... C2 Is Dying, Now A Couple Of Months Ago It Was LIT But Stuff Happened And It Slowly Died ( I Cri Everytime ). Even Though Stuff Happened, Its In The Past! :) C2 Is A Great Community! We'd Love If You Came To Visit Us! You Don't Have To...
  5. Taylarg2000

    When will the creative servers be allowed to use the new 1.12 blocks?

    Its been some time since the 1.12 update. And many of the creative players are wondering When will the creative servers be able to use the new blocks? The survival servers can use them, so why not the creative servers. If the creative servers do need to update does that mean our plots will be...
  6. Taylarg2000

    Creative New Blocks And Creative3 ???

    Two Questions.. Question 1 When will the 'creative' servers update, so we can use the 'new blocks' Question 2 When will 'Creative3' be opened its been 4 months
  7. Snuggeh

    Building ideas~♡

    I have 2 plots on creative 2 but I have no clue what to build.. Please give me some ideas on what to build :>
  8. Taylarg2000

    What is wrong with creative server?

    First Day: Both of the creative servers have been down for the whole day Second Day: Creative 1 was down and Creative 2 was up, but server had 'low memory' Third Day: Creative 2 was down and Creative 1 was up Is this a joke? Cause this has been happening for the past 3-4 weeks non stop...
  9. xCookiesss

    Question about Creative 2

    I was just wondering, latey I haven't been able to go on creative 2. Can anyone tell me why? If this question has already been answered can someone tell me. Thanks
  10. Creative 2.0

    I was wondering why C2 is down again. Almost every morning I log on that particular server is down. :/ anyone know why?
  11. ColdStare

    Help me please I lost my own plot on Creative 2.0

    Ok so I have spent a total of 61 hours on Creative 2.0 working on that plot. I recently changed my name from ColdStare to AriaTheGoddess. I went onto creative 2.0 and i cant edit my plot. It says im not trusted. When i do /plot info over my plot im not there as the owner. It says the owner is...
  12. CatIsMagic

    Best Wedding Ever 2017 10/10 Gary Squad

    This is the wedding of JessiiSippySoap and Anime_Ailin on Creative 2.0 AAANNNNDDDDDD I was Flower Girl and Ring Giver Thingy so yay. They were happily wedded under the holy potatoes, flowers, and Big Macs. Yes you heard it right. Holy Potatoes and Big Macs. Then we ate Big Macs and the couple...
  13. joel11121189

    Scoreboard on Creative

    can we please get rid of Scoreboard on Creative?!?!??!?! it takes up HALF of the screen.
  14. joel11121189

    Creative/Minecraft Olympics end or just beginning?

    The Real life Olympics Might be over but MINECRAFT OLYMPICS AREN'T! We Still Have Awhile before we end. i hope ya'll keep following Minecraft Olympics and soon the Minecraft Olympic Shirts are coming out!!!(real life duh). I hope ya'll Watch the Games! ps: The Teams need to keep updated and be...
  15. joel11121189

    Creative Olympics

    Hello beanblockz! I have Created an Special Event Called CREATIVE OLYMPICS! creative Olympics has a Variety of sports from soccer to track and so much more! We Have Soccer, Track, Swimming, Build Battle, Capture The Flag, Spleef, Maze, Wrestling and the Dropper, Parkour! The Games Will be Played...
  16. pearlpai

    About how long until Creative 2 is reset?

    I was halfway through finishing a skywars map when I realized it might not be long until creative is completely reset. Can anyone make a guess? I need enough time to finish the map and post it to the forums long enough for someone to see! Or should I just wait until the reset and start over...
  17. SwearWhileUCan


    so i recently started this "Youtubers Board" where new Youtubers can advertise for their Youtube channel. Its on creative 2.0 on my first plot. (/p h SwearWhileUCan_) /mail send SwearWhileUCan_ (msg) me if u want perm to add urself and place ur Youtube Channel on meh plot! ps plz also sub others...
  18. picksels

    Creative 2.0 keeps closing

    Every time I (or anyone) log in to creative 2.O , the server keeps closing. it's really annoying to everyone. The server closes every like 10 seconds. Why is it doing that?
  19. Warrior2point0

    Little Paving Issue

    Alright, so in Creative 2.0, across from my plot (/p h Warrior2point0) there's just a little hole in the paving. It's annoying me, and if anybody could fix that, that'd be great!
  20. LDGames

    Creative 2.0 is Down?

    Me and my friend wanted to go on Creative 2.0, she then told me it was down. I went to test, and it was. Is it updating or something..?? I've never seen this before. <.>