1. hayes

    Typing Game!

    Type Your Name In The Comment Section Below With Your Eyes Closed! You Have 3 Tries Before You Are Out! Try Your Best! ------------------------------- If this game gets more than 1k views, I will create a better and more exciting game for you guys to play!
  2. eriiin


    Play survival blue? Love, like, or hate banners? Well... You're in luck!! Come check out the ~brand new ~banner shop on survival blue!! Banners are a perfect way to decorate houses, cities, and add a bit of ~pa zazZ~ to your builds! - We have a large selection of...
  3. Sailboat104

    Introduction: Back Into Comunity, xSailboat

    Hey Everyone, Lately, or rather the past few month I have not been playing BeanBlockz as much. In this post I would like to discuss my whereabouts and what will come to the future, and will most likely be returning to the community. I've put it into 3 factors, so make sure to read it all. :)...
  4. AmySmith

    Some BeanBlockz Art Stuff! | Not Very Good | Please Read

    So, for Christmas I am going to get a Drawing Tablet, that is when the quality of my pictures will increase, and I will post more drawings than animations, pixel art and GIFs. Here is one picture that I made with three things: Nova Skin Wallpapers, and Adobe Illustrator. It is me...
  5. AmySmith

    Cool Texture Pack! | Not very important lol

    Soooo, I have a mix of two texture packs and they're really cool xD The two texture packs are: Real Nature and Faithful 1.11.2 P.S. THESE ARE THE COOLEST PACKS! Proof: NOTE: No Shaderpacks or Mods used. Love, Amy • ε •
  6. AmySmith

    Village Spot Open | Cactus Rose Gully | Please Read

    Yo kidz! On the server ~Survival Blue~ I have a village, Cactus Rose Gully. So far we have a few peeps! Their names are: Amy - WarPrincessAmy Izzy - TheIzzyBxe Meg - Meg_MnM Mak - MuyToxic Shadow - hotpotshadow So, there are our villagers so far. It's a small kind of village, but we have a...
  7. DelilahDisaster

    Custom Name Gifs for Signatures!

    Hey guys, recently I've been into graphic design and found a super cool way to make name gifs for signatures on here. If you look at my signature you can see what I'm talking about. I want to make them for other people as well!! So, Fill this out and pm it to me and I'll make you one! Rank...
  8. Diya

    Get To Know Eachother:)))

    Okay so if you answer these questions, you can find people who like relate to you or something lol okay. WORST FEAR? Disappointing people/failure. DREAM JOB? Tennis player or surgeon :3 FAVOURITE ANIMAL? cats. cats. cats. FUN FACT? I've been a vegetarian from November 2016 now :3 FAVOURITE...
  9. sermiii

    Unpopular Opinions (I guess)

    Hi everyone !! I recently saw an old thread called Unpopular Opinions where people basically talked about things they hate that many other people love. Idk if I'm just sensitive or whatever but it t r i g g e r e d me so I decided to make a more positive thread. So basically you can put down...
  10. rat


    what do i write !!
  11. KittyCatCombo


    Making build rig by now!!!
  12. alina

    A New Festival!? Everyone Said They Wanted One!

  13. alina

    A New Festival!? Everyone Said They Wanted One!

  14. alina

    Food Fest!!!

  15. alina


    Come Along On Our Journey To Beanfest. A New Event. Located On Creative 2.0 Beanfest Is A Festival. Make Sure You Join Us Tonight At 6pm Eastern Be Sure To Come To My Booth. It Is Behind Alec's With A Big Unicorn :b
  16. alina


    Join Our Journey On Beanfest At 6pm Eastern! Located On Creative 2.0 We will Advertise For a the Plot When We Open Beanfest Hope You Like The New Event!! Love, The Photographer, Minigame, And Food Truck Owner qalaxyunicorn AKA AlinaAtBeanfest :)
  17. GalaxyElf

    Secret Commands!

    Aloha everyone!, I have been wondering for quite a while to discover new commands. I hope the make my game-play better by doing so. Any Commands i should be aware of? -GalaxyElf