1. skinnycamm

    Competition Heads / Cosmetic perks

    Hey! I'm taking part of the competition this month and it's obvious that perks such as /HDB aren't working for some players. I'm wondering why this is? I was thinking that it wasn't working for me because I have an old rank, so my packages were never bought, just "refunded" or reclaimed. I've...
  2. suggestion for competitions server

    hi there! just a suggestion for the creative build competition server. i think it is a good idea to give everybody who enters worldedit. this way it would be a level playing field and nobody would have an unfair advantage over anybody else.
  3. sofia.moon

    Win $50 for BeanBlockz store :)

    I have no idea if this is legal I won a coupon code worth $50 USD or 39.31 GBP (or that's what the converter told me I'm not British) during this past building competition, & the thing is I don't need it :D So instead of wasting it, I thought of choosing one person at random...
  4. skinnycamm

    Let’s start up ideas for a prize

    My oh my. I’ve not noticed that skyblock is rolling off a cliff! As an old time sky blocker who has been playing for about 2 years I’ve seen people come and go because they’ve become bored. I honestly don’t think this will turn out well but I want to get something rolling here. Everyone create...
  5. PoptarTs

    Ldshadowlady build battle base invaders! -- popterds8

    I made a base with every single one of lizzies build battle builds it's honestly really tacky! ;) but I think it looks really cool! Anyways let me know what you think or if I missed any builds! plot Id-- -26;-1 plot name-- /p h:3 popterds8 ign-- popterds8 screenies-- outside-- inside--
  6. PoptarTs

    Escape The Deep Base Invaders Challenge- popterds8

    An underwater adventure only the greatest scavengers can accomplish, with parkor, tricks, hunts, and more! the escape the deep base invaders challenge is a summer and underwater themed build! I hope you enjoy invading my base!! plot name: /p h popterds8 plot id: -9;-15 ign: popterds8...
  7. Amantha678

    Coming Soon!

    Ever Watched Or Heard Of The Show Wipe Out? Looks A Little Something Like This Well Guess What! ITS COMMIN TO MINECRAFT!!!! Hopefully ;-; Now I Know What Your All Thinking `` What Do We Get If We Win? `` 50,000 Dollars! Not Really Okay You Actually Get These Three Prizes! (Along With The...
  8. ChezLordGamer

    Christmas Comp Entry Dorano

    Minecraft IGN: DoranoKaemone Plot ID: 9;-7 I hope that when you visit my plot you'll feel the Christmas Spirit. Screenshots:
  9. flipfl0pp3r

    flipfl0pp3r's 2017 Christmas Competition Entry

    Minecraft IGN: flipfl0pp3r Plot ID: -28;27
  10. LilyRose12

    Build Competition

    My ign: Mxdiiii My plot ip: 8;16 Im so sorry i cant attach any screenshots and i hope your enjoy my plot <3
  11. lepel

    Competition entry - lepel

    Minecraft IGN: lepel Plot number (if applicable): 58;172 Suggestions: Fly around the plot first so the volcano loads in, use "/ptime 21000ticks", and set brightness to max. I'm using RudoPlay's Shaders. Screenshots: Optional Conquest texture pack album: First a full...
  12. yoonjin

    Competition entry

    Minecraft IGN: MelMxrtinez_x3 Plot number (if applicable): 70;17 Screenshots (not required, but would be awesome!):
  13. BeanBlockzian

    Easter Creative 3.0 Competition Entry

    MineCraft IGN: nerdygirly567 Minecraft Plot: 12:-3 Time: 30 Hours My Idea is completely unique and I am very proud of my creation :) Thanks for making all of these competitions Joel <3!
  14. BumbleBee5686

    Bumblebee5686's Creative 3.0 Competition entry! :D

    My working time was over 50 hours. I would also like to give credit to peqch for helping me. Please take a few minutes to look at EVERYTHING in this build, some details are more hidden. - The mountains/spikes may look unfinished, but they symbolize the warmer the color the more alive and...
  15. Spawn Competition Entry =3

    Hi, me and my sister have been working on this, and our in game names are 'Maddie_Dat_Trash' (me) and '_Galaxy_potato_' (my sister). We used no World Edit, and spent the total of 15 Hours on it. We worked extremely hard on it and enjoyed building it. We would like to enter for the competition...
  16. NatrualNeve

    Competition Creative server

    Hey my plot number is 21 and my username is NaturalNeve I hope you can give my plot a chance as it took me 5 days to build, thank you!!
  17. mabrio2006

    Creative 3.0 Competition Plot!

    Minecraft IGN: ThatMagicMabry_ Plot ID: 17;27 Screenshots: couldn't upload any..sorry Hope you enjoy my plot! I don't want a prize higher than 6th place I want something less or 6th place..thank you!
  18. sofia.moon

    why cant I join the creative competition server?

    Every time I try to join, it says And if I try again it just resend me to the spawn in the main lobby. Does any one know why? I really wanna join!
  19. ChezLordGamer

    Chez_Lord-Gamer's Winter Competition Entry 2016

    Minecraft IGN: Chez_Lord_Gamer Plot number (if applicable): -8;-17 Screenshots (not required, but would be awesome!):
  20. HttpAria

    ~ ❄ Winter Competition Entry ❄ ~

    Minecraft IGN: HttpAria Plot number: -24;11 Screenshots: ❄ ❄ ❄