comp entry

  1. Myst1cc

    Christmas comp 2017 - Myst1cc

    My plot ID: -18;30 Owned: Myst1cc Here are some sneak peeks
  2. EmeraldSakura

    ✿ Here is my entry ✿

    ✿ Hope you like it ✿ If you want to see whats on the roller coaster & see more fun you have to come to the plot ^,...,^ Super sorry that there are so many screenshots, you don't need to go through them all. I had them in collages but it kept saying file to big even after resizing and I have less...
  3. Kayzee


    Hello;) to anyone reading this. I hope you aren't blinded :cool: by the color. In fact let me change it. Okay this is better. My Minecraft username is cabacon My plot ID is 1;-8. My friend (supermegan2) worked really really hard on it too. So super sorry i don't have...
  4. Dxrby

    Competition entry!

    This is my comp entry for the creative 3.0 comp; Minecraft ign: 1DinoDerby1 Plot number: -9;13
  5. OnlyPetra

    Player ID: Creepsie_007, Plot ID: -18;-13

    BeanBlockz was from always Wonderland for me, so I made one!...:)...Unicorn
  6. SilverMoonstone

    Spawn Comp Entree

    Hello, I am entering in the competiton for the new spawn for the creative 3.0 server. My username is xTwilightSenpai. My plot is just right outside of the spawn Joel made. Plot number ID; 0;0 Im super excited to be in this. I wish you luck.
  7. aamelia

    Server hub build comp enter

    Creators : Upturned and aamelia Plot owner : Upturned
  8. lastdayofwinter

    Chuuey's Build for Winter!!! <3

    I don't know if this will work but if it does, please consider voting!
  9. LegallyBrunette

    Lad's Ahoy Competition Entry ~LegallyBrunette

    Username: QualityQuack_ Plot ID: 2;-22
  10. ciao__millie

    Lads Ahoy Entry

    Hello. My name is PikaPlayszMC . My ID is 1;3 . Sorry I can not post any screen shots.... Thanks!!!
  11. YikesPepe

    Summer Competition Entry

    Minecraft IGN: EmotionalSouls Plot number (if applicable): 11;2 Screenshots (not required, but would be awesome!): Hope You Enjoy :) ~Emotional
  12. ~Christmas Build Comp~

    Minecraft IGN: KeenLearner57 Plot Number: ID:6;-6 Confusion with uploading my screenshots, sorry.:( :):cool::p:D:rolleyes: <3 :D ***Merry Christmas + Happy Holidays!!!***
  13. Christmas Competition Entery

    Minecraft IGN: KikiCupcake Plot Number: 34:12 I mad this with my friend Katie her user name is LDShadolady_YT thank you for considering my build!!!
  14. My Christmas Plot

    My Christmas plot entry Made on the Christmas creative server /p h OoAimeeoO IGN: OoAimeeoO Attatched pictures from around my plot
  15. Christmas Competition Entry~

    Minecraft IGN: Andrevaa Plot number: 36;-30 Screenshots:
  16. Competition Entry

    Minecraft IGN: Miamoo145 Plot number: 25;32 Screenshots: Sorry I got screenshots but they're not showing up ):