1. Xoque

    Make-a-story Challenge

    Ok so, this is either going to work really well, or will turn out to be a complete mess. But that’s alright let’s find out. (Also after making this, I realised someone already did something similar ;-; rip) Here’s how it’s going to work: -I say a word, (e.g “He”) then the next person would say...
  2. Aless

    Would mean a LOT to me if you read this

    You probably see a lot of old players talk about skywars or see it in their signatures. Skywars is an amazing gamemode tbh, I don't know why it died and I want people to experience it, trying to bring it back. I mean, you should come on and give it a shot and I'm sure you will enjoy it. :)...
  3. Castelliboo

    A Cup O' Tea To Brighten Your Day?

    This thread is to thank all who have helped me on my Beanblockz journey. I strive to always be the kind and caring gal that helps out and brightens others lives. I hope that to all the people who are leaving Beanblockz for whatever reason, You stay strong in your life. I wish all Staff to keep...
  4. Velatryx

    Hey! Come say Hi!

    Hey everyone! My name is Jaydon and I have recently been introduced to BeanBlockz and have found it to be quite a fun server to begin playing on. I have noticed the community to be quite friendly and accepting so I think I will stay! Being new, I don't know many people.. So as you probably...