1. pearlpai

    I need ideas for my house interior!

    I've just started decorating my house on survival red, but i'm a little at loss for room ideas. I know I want: a potion room, a bedroom, a storage room, an enchantment room, a library/music room (maybe combined with enchantment room), a banner-making room, and some sort of crafting room...
  2. readyforit

    Prison Plot :D

    Hello All! So, I worked super hard on my prison plot and i just have to show it off xD I spent a lot of time and money on this plot before i lost all my money when i ranked up to prestige 2. I'm very proud of it. Please enjoy! All the love x Lizzie...
  3. Levdi

    Lad's Ahoy Competition Entry!

    Minecraft IGN: SociallyAddicted Plot number (if applicable): 8;-9 Screenshots (not required, but would be awesome!):
  4. DemonGamer

    My plot submission

    Hi, there my names Ellie and i made this build. I think it looks okay but thats only my opinion. My minecraft IGN: Minergirl259 Plot number: -12;-19 Here is a few screenshots of my plot however there is a bit more to it as these are only a few bits. Anyway enjoy my plot hopefully as much as...
  5. LegallyBrunette

    Lad's Ahoy Competition Entry ~LegallyBrunette

    Username: QualityQuack_ Plot ID: 2;-22
  6. Greyson

    Building Entry

    Name: theshadow789 Rank: Titan Worldedit: Only Once for Mountains Do I skype? No Sadly, I can only talk in Minecraft Chat Build Team: None, I work by myself Timezone: I am in New Zealand so.. South Time I think Plot Number: -6;-16
  7. Summer Build Competition

    Hi my username is TwentyOnePixels_ and I would like to enter in the Summer Build Competition. I have a screenshot of my plot below Thanks.
  8. Noah

    Summer Build Competition Entry

    Minecraft IGN: 2fabb4u Plot number (if applicable): -35;43 Screenshots (not required, but would be awesome!): Sorry but I couldn't fit all the screens I wanted to in :) ... So as you might be able to tell from the giant sign, my plot's main...
  9. Justine

    Boardwalk Summer Build Entry

    I built a board walk that includes some shops and attractions. There are some easter eggs as well as a beach house colored a certain green. My ign is Crescendo__. Thanks for reading :D
  10. NyanNinjacatYT

    Summer Competition Build

    Minecraft IGN: NyanNinjacatYT Plot number (if applicable): -4;17 Screenshots (not required, but would be awesome!):
  11. lissete

    My weird build!

    Check out LunaTheKangaroo's plot! Does it seem crowded??
  12. RainbowRawrz

    Summer build

    Go to /p h RainbowRawrz, plot built by RainbowRawrz and Z_RainbowRawrz_Z
  13. GummiMinion

    Summer Build Competition Entry!

    Minecraft IGN: gummi_minion156|Helper: MidnightMeteor Plot number (if applicable): -1;-10 is the plot ID, but I don't have separate plots. (I would add screenshots, but for some reason my PC doesn't have the pictures after I take them)
  14. LauraPapaya

    Summer Build Competition Entry<3

    Plot owner: unilauracorn Helpers/builders: KrisNugget, Lunarsaur3 Plot id: -25, 38 (/p h unilauracorn) Hope you enjoy looking at our build (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧
  15. Stormzsumr

    <My Summer Build>

    I didn't mean to post this one.
  16. Entery for Summer Contest!

    Hello, I'm Colour streak I want to enter the new contest on your server! My IGN is BRSeraRose At this very point and time my build is not complete but I assure you by the time the due date it will be!!! I hope I at least get in the top ten.
  17. Levdi

    please help, titans.

    If you're a Titan, I desperately DO NOT want to remove all of my floor on the creative competition server, and then have to replace it with sand. It would take hours and I would rather start working on my actual build rather than spend time on replacing blocks and putting more blocks there. So...
  18. My plot

    So, as some of you know, recently I've been opening my plot to the public and letting them build on it freely. Recently, it's been more work than fun, cleaning up the grief and such, so I've decided to close up the free plot for now. However: I will be making a few changes to my plot. I will...
  19. Christmas Competition Entry!

    Minecraft IGN: Shadd Plot number: I think it's 7;27 (not sure) but to get there just do /p h Shadd.
  20. Levdi

    -=Christmas Competition Entry=-

    Minecraft IGN: ShadowForever (Helped by TheLioMewos666 and Rachel04!) Plot number (if applicable:)): 1 Screenshots (not required, but would be awesome!): None, sorry. I hope you like our plot <3 We spent a lot of time and effort on this and we're super proud of it! Good luck to everyone else...