1. ChezLordGamer

    Chez_Lord-Gamer's Winter Competition Entry 2016

    Minecraft IGN: Chez_Lord_Gamer Plot number (if applicable): -8;-17 Screenshots (not required, but would be awesome!):
  2. crazycoconot

    Winter Build Comp Entry

    IGN: crazycoconot Plot ID: -24;18
  3. KittenLover109

    Winter Build Competition Entry

    IGN: KittenLover109 Plot number: 1;35 So my build is a representation of what winter for the northern hemisphere is like for the southern hemisphere (in summer) It's more wintery than it is Christmassy which I know most people did. BUT there are a few Christmas themed things on the Northen...
  4. pearlpai

    I need ideas for my house interior!

    I've just started decorating my house on survival red, but i'm a little at loss for room ideas. I know I want: a potion room, a bedroom, a storage room, an enchantment room, a library/music room (maybe combined with enchantment room), a banner-making room, and some sort of crafting room...
  5. readyforit

    Prison Plot :D

    Hello All! So, I worked super hard on my prison plot and i just have to show it off xD I spent a lot of time and money on this plot before i lost all my money when i ranked up to prestige 2. I'm very proud of it. Please enjoy! All the love x Lizzie...
  6. Levdi

    Lad's Ahoy Competition Entry!

    Minecraft IGN: SociallyAddicted Plot number (if applicable): 8;-9 Screenshots (not required, but would be awesome!):
  7. DemonGamer

    My plot submission

    Hi, there my names Ellie and i made this build. I think it looks okay but thats only my opinion. My minecraft IGN: Minergirl259 Plot number: -12;-19 Here is a few screenshots of my plot however there is a bit more to it as these are only a few bits. Anyway enjoy my plot hopefully as much as...
  8. LegallyBrunette

    Lad's Ahoy Competition Entry ~LegallyBrunette

    Username: QualityQuack_ Plot ID: 2;-22
  9. Greyson

    Building Entry

    Name: theshadow789 Rank: Titan Worldedit: Only Once for Mountains Do I skype? No Sadly, I can only talk in Minecraft Chat Build Team: None, I work by myself Timezone: I am in New Zealand so.. South Time I think Plot Number: -6;-16
  10. Summer Build Competition

    Hi my username is TwentyOnePixels_ and I would like to enter in the Summer Build Competition. I have a screenshot of my plot below Thanks.
  11. Noah

    Summer Build Competition Entry

    Minecraft IGN: 2fabb4u Plot number (if applicable): -35;43 Screenshots (not required, but would be awesome!): Sorry but I couldn't fit all the screens I wanted to in :) ... So as you might be able to tell from the giant sign, my plot's main...
  12. Justine

    Boardwalk Summer Build Entry

    I built a board walk that includes some shops and attractions. There are some easter eggs as well as a beach house colored a certain green. My ign is Crescendo__. Thanks for reading :D
  13. NyanNinjacatYT

    Summer Competition Build

    Minecraft IGN: NyanNinjacatYT Plot number (if applicable): -4;17 Screenshots (not required, but would be awesome!):
  14. lissete

    My weird build!

    Check out LunaTheKangaroo's plot! Does it seem crowded??
  15. RainbowRawrz

    Summer build

    Go to /p h RainbowRawrz, plot built by RainbowRawrz and Z_RainbowRawrz_Z
  16. GummiMinion

    Summer Build Competition Entry!

    Minecraft IGN: gummi_minion156|Helper: MidnightMeteor Plot number (if applicable): -1;-10 is the plot ID, but I don't have separate plots. (I would add screenshots, but for some reason my PC doesn't have the pictures after I take them)
  17. LauraPapaya

    Summer Build Competition Entry<3

    Plot owner: unilauracorn Helpers/builders: KrisNugget, Lunarsaur3 Plot id: -25, 38 (/p h unilauracorn) Hope you enjoy looking at our build (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧
  18. Stormzsumr

    <My Summer Build>

    I didn't mean to post this one.
  19. Entery for Summer Contest!

    Hello, I'm Colour streak I want to enter the new contest on your server! My IGN is BRSeraRose At this very point and time my build is not complete but I assure you by the time the due date it will be!!! I hope I at least get in the top ten.
  20. Levdi

    please help, titans.

    If you're a Titan, I desperately DO NOT want to remove all of my floor on the creative competition server, and then have to replace it with sand. It would take hours and I would rather start working on my actual build rather than spend time on replacing blocks and putting more blocks there. So...