1. ewHailee

    Pride Bees!!! Pride event community plot build <3

    I didn't know what to build on the pride community plot, so i built pride flag bees <3 The only reason I'm posting this is because they're just really cute bahah More images in this link : hope you enjoy :giggle:
  2. JessieMel

    Build Ideas?

    Hi! So i have a small little town on S2 with a couple people and I have been stuck on what to build that would be helpful or just fun to have around. So far I have an IG grinder, a blaze grinder, a cactus farm and a little community farm. Does anyone have any ideas that I could add or just some...
  3. Build Ideas PLEASE!!!!

    On survival custom 1, me and a friend have been in the progress of building a village, we need some house style ideas and could use some extra pairs of hands, thanks! :)
  4. Flowwy

    Dubai Hotel Build

    This is my build I have put only around a day into which I am still pretty proud of! Not my best ever work, but still at a good standard. This build all together reaches over 5million+ blocks! Let me know what you think of it! Thank you! ~ Flowwy ( Flow )
  5. 666bot

    Giant tree w/ beehive!

    I recently was able to get shaders to work, so i got some shots of my plot which ive been slowly working on and improving for the past few weekends! hope you guys like them x
  6. PoptarTs

    Ldshadowlady build battle base invaders! -- popterds8

    I made a base with every single one of lizzies build battle builds it's honestly really tacky! ;) but I think it looks really cool! Anyways let me know what you think or if I missed any builds! plot Id-- -26;-1 plot name-- /p h:3 popterds8 ign-- popterds8 screenies-- outside-- inside--
  7. PoptarTs

    Escape The Deep Base Invaders Challenge- popterds8

    An underwater adventure only the greatest scavengers can accomplish, with parkor, tricks, hunts, and more! the escape the deep base invaders challenge is a summer and underwater themed build! I hope you enjoy invading my base!! plot name: /p h popterds8 plot id: -9;-15 ign: popterds8...
  8. joel11121189

    BCU Academy Build Camp

    hey yo, its Joel from Beanblockz University, we are doing a building camp to help improve your building skills, you will be put onto teams depending on how many people sign up and we will work with you and your group to improve your building skills, techniques and more. BCU Build camp is for...
  9. TheNyanKittens

    My House Build

    I Did This House, It Is Joel's nd Lizzie's Christmas Eve Party, With A Few Friends :3
  10. Flow

    Flow's Build Competition

    LINK TO IMAGES - Plot ID - 10:-1 /p h FlowIsLonely
  11. ChezLordGamer

    Christmas Comp Entry Dorano

    Minecraft IGN: DoranoKaemone Plot ID: 9;-7 I hope that when you visit my plot you'll feel the Christmas Spirit. Screenshots:
  12. LilyRose12

    Build Competition

    My ign: Mxdiiii My plot ip: 8;16 Im so sorry i cant attach any screenshots and i hope your enjoy my plot <3
  13. xLunartiq

    Survival Blue I Job applicatios

    Apply here for a job in The Build Shop on Survival Blue! What is The Build Shop? The Build Shop is basically a building shop. We build things for you! Feeling lazy? We got almost every build you can think of or need! The building style is medieval/modern and we are currently looking for GOOD...
  14. tyad51

    Mansion/castle build showcase

    Since survival is reseting I wanna showcase the house AlexGalaP and me built on blue. It was meant to be a mansion at first but then it escalated until it became a sorta castle. He was an amazing builder and I wanna credit him fully for this cool house In honor of all the times we...
  15. Snuggeh

    Building ideas~♡

    I have 2 plots on creative 2 but I have no clue what to build.. Please give me some ideas on what to build :>
  16. loza

    Creative 2 Build! - Alice In Wonderland Themed

    I'm starting a Build Today! Feel welcome to Dm me on C2 or Mail me if You'd like to help out! I've picked Alice in Wonderland as the theme due to it being a vast topic & because I'm spending 6 months - A year on the build, I'd want a vast topic so there is always something to add, I'm not...
  17. Kayzee


    Hello;) to anyone reading this. I hope you aren't blinded :cool: by the color. In fact let me change it. Okay this is better. My Minecraft username is cabacon My plot ID is 1;-8. My friend (supermegan2) worked really really hard on it too. So super sorry i don't have...
  18. OmiJosh


    I don't even know what is happening right now. So yesterday i was finishing up placing some heads in the headshop, as you do, i logged off i would say 20mins afterwards due to the server being extremely laggy. So this morning i went online to see that these heads had gone and some of the glass...
  19. EllaK

    Ella_Kadabra's plot

    My plot is "Joel's christmas tree decorating party". I don't have that much to say about it and am not able to post a picture from my computer. I hope you like it Joel!
  20. BubblegumCanD

    My Winter Build Competition Entrie

    Minecraft IGN: BubblegumCanD Plot Number: 17;14 Screenshots (Not required but would be nice!): I'm sorry I did take screenshots but I am too dumb with computers to know how to do that... Thank you for taking some time out of your day to look at my build! ~ (o v o)/