base invaders

  1. GroovyUnitato

    RAINBOW MADNESS ~ Base invaders challenge entry

    Plot name: Rainbow Madness Our igns: GroovyUnitato & AwesomeCarrot2 Our plot id: 5;35 Screenshots are attached :)
  2. bennyb0y15

    Snorlax Base

    Base name: Snorlax Base, Minecraft IGN: bennyb0y15, Plot ID: -29 -28
  3. Uniwolfle

    Confetti Meadows Amusement Park

    Hello! WhenPigsFly6 and Uniwolfle(me) have built this base which we intend for you to invade. It took us 14 hours so, we hope you like it! ;w; Plot(s) ID: 2;-13 & 1;-14 IGN: WhenPigsFly6 & Uniwolfle It's a team effort
  4. PoptarTs

    Ldshadowlady build battle base invaders! -- popterds8

    I made a base with every single one of lizzies build battle builds it's honestly really tacky! ;) but I think it looks really cool! Anyways let me know what you think or if I missed any builds! plot Id-- -26;-1 plot name-- /p h:3 popterds8 ign-- popterds8 screenies-- outside-- inside--
  5. DerpyPotato13

    DerpyPotato13's Base

    I didn't know what else to name it :D Plot Name: DerpyPotato13 Minecraft IGN: DerpOiPotato13 (I'm changing it to DerpyPotato13, though, so use that) Plot ID: 13;-20 Screenshots: I'm making a report about an issue I'm having with this, will edit it soon It's three merged plots, so I know it...
  6. Princess Base invaders!

    I hope that you enjoy it! you will go through 3 different tiers of quizzes, parkours and puzzles to escape and achieve my head! Plot id is -26;-26 IGN is ElegantWhisp Plot name is Escape the Princess!
  7. Amethxxst


    In my base, you will have to visit 3 of the characters off of Spongebob TV show...And help squidward find his clarinet so he doesnt murder spongebob and patrick Plot name : Amethxxst Minecraft ign : Amethxxst Plot ID : 25;-11
  8. Saerahb

    My Base Invaders Entry

    Plot name - Saerahb Minecraft IGN - Saerahb Plot ID - 14;2
  9. fawnetta

    A Spin On The Magic Of Disneyland

    IGN: drling Plot Name: A Disney Themed Base (Should Be In Color Codes) ID: 15;8 screenies>
  10. Kia

    Base Invaders Question

    I recently completed my base and had to tell some people that they couldn't beat my base because it was built to be done in survival mode. (I checked out the youtube video of LDShadowLady's base invaders series) My base requires players to break blocks, open chests and use redstone items...
  11. Tarnia

    Base invaders: 24 privet drive.

    Plot ID: 1:28 Mc IGN: HxlyTyler Rank: Titan Nick: TylersJuice Made with no world edit :) 24 Privet Drive Harry Potter themed Screenshots; Inside:
  12. keatonnnn

    My Base :)

    My IGN: zoara Plot No. -5;-17 Plot Name: Political Puzzle Screenshots:
  13. Kia

    My Arcade Base

    Plot name: Arcade Street Minecraft IGN: Kiasaurus Plot ID : -10;9 Screenshots (sorry for not cropping them, I'm lazy)
  14. himynameisphoebe

    Mission 39: Retrieve Dumbbb's Head (Base Invaders)

    Minecraft IGN:lxto Plot ID: -4;1 Plot Name: /p h:2 lxto Screenshots: Be ready for some ~fun~ and ~challenges~ It's easy, but can you do it in under 5 minutes? I think not..
  15. RossTMK

    An aquatic quest to retrieve my sunken skull.

    Plot Name: The Sunken Skull IGN: RossTMK Plot ID: -14;-12 The whole idea of my build was themed around an ocean monument! I decided that since the update aquatic was just released, I'd make an aquatic related base! Look no further than the ocean monument! Get through all 3 puzzles, and get to...
  16. rosiey

    Base Invaders

    Plot ID: 2,1 IGN: Rosiey Base name: Red Queen/Queen of hearts palace (The screenshot file is too large to upload :/) upadate: I'm starting again because I accidentally deleted my WHOLE base....
  17. himynameisphoebe

    My Base Invaders base

    My IGN: dumbbb Plot ID: -3;1 Plot name: /p h dumbbb Screenshot(s): I can't post them :( I'll try post them in the comments xx Love, Phoebe (ya favourite girl)