1. Soull Soull: who still uses safari
  2. pott pott: oh wow
  3. aestheticpirate aestheticpirate: Oh my ive been on safari 8hrs today xD mostly msging ppl on bbz
  4. aestheticpirate aestheticpirate: wow make a bug report
  5. pott pott: third time its crashed bye omg
  6. pott pott: oh it went up and crashed again lovely
  7. pott pott: not creative crashing again bye
  8. pott pott: im good ty
  9. aestheticpirate aestheticpirate: Hru
  10. aestheticpirate aestheticpirate: Im good
  11. pott pott: anyways how are u
  12. pott pott: very
  13. aestheticpirate aestheticpirate: cool
  14. pott pott: nobody in my family has ever done anything medically related so it would be cool if i was the first
  15. pott pott: yup def, i love helping people
  16. aestheticpirate aestheticpirate: is that what you want to do?
  17. pott pott: if you mean future careers i just applied to a school that provides some medical training and crap so hopefully i get to do something medically related LOL
  18. pott pott: ?
  19. aestheticpirate aestheticpirate: Wbu
  20. aestheticpirate aestheticpirate: Whu
  21. pott pott: yup
  22. aestheticpirate aestheticpirate: Ty
  23. pott pott: ooh animation nice
  24. aestheticpirate aestheticpirate: i was cringy then- i- nostalgia
  25. aestheticpirate aestheticpirate: I just looked at my first post and that was in staff applications