1. LittleKai LittleKai: oh okay i get it
  2. uhrora uhrora: It might be because they have to talk to other staff members, like those the one(s) who punished you. To see if they have proof or to get a better understanding.
  3. LittleKai LittleKai: But uh why does my appeal have 7 views and no replies, denies, or acceptances?
  4. jxred jxred: lets not talk about punishments here. if you feel you were wrongly banned you can make an appeal. please just don't post it in public areas
  5. TahFox: i have been banned for ever :I
  6. Morla Morla: oof
  7. LittleKai LittleKai: Can't relate. I get unbanned in 1 day, 3 hours and 51 minutes
  8. Morla Morla: sksk
  9. maasonn maasonn: 10 seconds anna oop
  10. maasonn maasonn: 1 min left on my ban oop sksks
  11. Morla Morla: oop-
  12. maasonn maasonn: 4 hours left on ban :clown:
  13. Gxrm Gxrm: If you thought a staff member banned u wrongfully @LittleKai
  14. Gxrm Gxrm: @LittleKai make a ban appeal to get unbanned potentiallly and send a pm to a higher up staff member (snrmod+) on either discord or on here
  15. iMAC05 iMAC05: hey LittleKai you could make a ban appeal
  16. maasonn maasonn: af
  17. maasonn maasonn: f
  18. maasonn maasonn: mood afk
  19. LittleKai LittleKai: got banned for making a death threat that I know was a mistake now so if anyone is wondering where I went that's where!
  20. maasonn maasonn: lol i got banned for a day rip afking overnight
  21. Morla Morla: https://beanblockz.com/forums/ban-appeals.26/
  22. Morla Morla: Make a ban appeal !
  23. iZombie iZombie: Can I get unbanned it's been two years :(
  24. iZombie iZombie: iZombie
  25. BasicPhoe: whats up