1. cllouds cllouds: That is good! I’ve had a pretty good day too :)
  2. Kris Kris: I've had a pretty good day actually, what about you clouds?
  3. cllouds cllouds: Maybe let’s not talk about that topic. How is everyone today?
  4. LlamaLady LlamaLady: How? We love Mama!
  5. LlamaLady LlamaLady: Omg Mama is getting hate!?
  6. Slash Slash: amina is stinky
  7. stasmaster111 stasmaster111: Hii
  8. obamina obamina: Not funny
  9. JoeyDeDestiny JoeyDeDestiny: what a loser ugh!
  10. ells ells: just a thought, not confirmed.
  11. ells ells: I think mama has been getting a lot of hate recently, which is absolutely ridiculous. so she switched off her dms.
  12. obamina obamina: Mama switched off her DMs.
  13. Fluffyfox2020 Fluffyfox2020: welp how is everyone
  14. Fluffyfox2020 Fluffyfox2020: ;-;
  15. Fluffyfox2020 Fluffyfox2020: i think uh mama blocked me on disc
  16. ells ells: hii!
  17. Kris Kris: hiyaa !!
  18. WeBareBear WeBareBear: hii
  19. stasmaster111 stasmaster111: Im good
  20. cllouds cllouds: How is everyone?
  21. AsianStitch AsianStitch: Sheesh
  22. gru gru: fr zoll!!!! corrupt
  23. zoll zoll: this server corrupt as hell girl!
  24. skinnycamm skinnycamm: -3-
  25. Kris Kris: <3