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  1. SouI

    Clients & Mod Packs

    Howdy people, I’m working on a website that will provide free mod packs and simple instructions on how to use them. One of the sections will be BeanBlockz approved mods and clients. However, I will also be making mod packs for other servers and possibly single-player worlds. If you have any...
  2. SouI

    Username (not urgent)

    Sorry to create more threads so I’ll keep it short. I can’t change my username to “Soul” as it says it’s unavailable however I can’t seem to find a profile with the username. I’m not sure if the name is obtainable, just wanted to try. Thanks :)
  3. SouI

    Roses and Thorns

    Howdy, How to play: Rose: Name at least 1 thing you like about this server. (In game features, forums, community/people, etc) Thorn: Name at least 1 thing you dislike or could do without. (In game features, forums features, etc.) Respond to the person above you and try to provide the silver...
  4. SouI

    - Soul’s Introduction -

    ( I seem to have never done an introduction as they weren’t a thing when I first joined.) I’ve been known by many titles throughout my years on Beanblockz. My most popular and still relevant is; Soul. I’ve been on this server since the beginning and have basically grown up with the server...
  5. SouI

    Factions: Grace period

    Just curious as to when grace period is over on factions?
  6. SouI

    Need Plugins List

    I personally only play factions. The only reason I’m back on beanblockz is because of the reset for factions. As a member of the dominate faction, I feel it’s necessary we have all the tools we need to get the best out of the experience. We all know and have accepted that the server has more...
  7. SouI


    This post wont be a joke I mean all of what I say. So with this post I mean full respect and I understand mods are doing their job, but do they have to go so far as to medal with my own messages? Like if I was bypassing filter or doing something I shouldn't I fully understand for them to tell...
  8. SouI


    I can't help but stare at the blue stone, called lapis. It's explainable how it helps you enchant things. Most people who read this probably haven't heard about lapis until playing the game. Just the name is smexy "Lapis Luzuli". It's a symbol of "Wisdom" and "Truth". Its name comes from the...