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  1. 3myli

    3myli and Friends: Competition Entry

    Plot: /p h 3myli Plot ID: -10;5 Rank: Commander Screenshots: Message from the Team: Vynight, qivilian and I are honored to share our build with you! We have worked extremely hard to come up and execute an original build for you. This was a lot of fun and we hope you...
  2. 3myli

    3myli: Competition Entry

    User name: 3myli Minecraft Username: 3myli Plot ID: 12;0 Screenshots:
  3. 3myli

    3myli's Competition entry :)

    Minecraft IGN: 3myli Plot ID: -11;21 Screenshots: hope you like !! :-)
  4. 3myli


    Quick Question. If i already have a rank and wish to upgrade, do I have to pay for the full next rank, or is it the price of the rank minus the cost of the one I have. If that makes sense Thankyou
  5. 3myli

    Creative 2.0

    Why has Creative 2.0 been down a lot lately? It seems that whenever I get on to the server, creative 2.0 is always down, and for a long time too.
  6. 3myli

    Build Comp ?

    For the Easter Build comp, I was wondering if anyone has a general idea of when the results will come out. Thanks, Simply3myli
  7. 3myli

    Ask me questions!

    Will answer almost every question you guys ask me.;)
  8. 3myli


    Are the creative competition builds always going to be on a separate server? Because If it isn't this girl is cheating and doing a summer plot on 2.0
  9. 3myli

    ~Christmas Competition Entry~

    IGN: 3myli, FrannyTheChicken helped a lot. We know that she won't receive a prize but if we win, I would still like you to put her name in the video Plot Number: /p h:1 3myli
  10. 3myli


    Comment down below if you want me to draw your minecraft skin. Up to three people in your picture. Use this format In Game Name(s): Pose: Sitting, Standing, . . . Color: Yes/No Comments: Anything extra you want Please be patient with me, I take a lot of time to do these Also not that if your...
  11. 3myli

    Me, Myself & I

    Hey guys my name is 3myli or Emily. I like nature painting and rocks. Lots and lots of rocks!;):rolleyes: Follow Me. Maybe, I'll draw some minecraft skins for your guys. Depends on my likes, follows and comments.