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  1. kxmmy

    yess I love him

    yess I love him
  2. kxmmy

    When did I join?

    Ah that’s a good idea but that’s after the whole revamp not the exact day you joined bbz, ty for helping <33
  3. kxmmy

    When did I join?

  4. kxmmy

    When did I join?

    Give a good estimate, I don't think there is a way to tell when you joined unless you created your forums account during the time.
  5. kxmmy

    Forest Valley

    ooo fun
  6. kxmmy

    /p h issue on c1

    yeah 1.13 has glitches ):
  7. kxmmy

    Our new Friends System is now live!

  8. kxmmy

    /p h issue on c1

    What version are you playing in?
  9. kxmmy

    uwu hi there

    heya welcome back !!
  10. kxmmy

    Get To Know Your Staff Beans: Week 32 - mollywise!

    how did you feel learning you got mod?
  11. kxmmy

    I keep being "kicked" back to the Lobby

    The tab glitch has been fixed but it is recommended to play on 1.12-1.12.2 so there won’t be any glitches (:
  12. kxmmy

    Get To Know Your Staff Beans: Week 31 - Mxgically(JackHarkness_)

    your bbz immediate fam lol, like who is like ur sister, mom etc.
  13. kxmmy

    Bring back the old BBZ features

    There’s also a reason why the server had a revamp, it needed a change.
  14. kxmmy


    ooo i write on wattpad sometimes
  15. kxmmy

    be the last to reply [GONE VIOLENT] [NOT CLICKBAIT]

    u batter sthap
  16. kxmmy

    Disable MSG

    I don’t think so, but you can turn off your chat in settings.
  17. kxmmy

    Describe the youtuber!

    i forgot who it is so pass is best friends with stacy and their hunger games series took off
  18. kxmmy

    HELP MOD!!!

    double check your keyboard settings in both minecraft and your computer.