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  1. Natty

    Christmas lYrICs!!

    ok so it's that time of the month where we just literally sing a few lyrics from our favorite songs of ours! so here's a lyric part from my fav christmas song! Gene Autry: Here comes Santa Claus Here comes Santa Claus, here comes Santa Claus, right down Santa Claus Lane He doesn't care if...
  2. Natty

    My drawing of MamaDuckie

    well I decided to draw mama :) @MamaDuckie This was done with pencil,pen, chalk, marker and coloring pencils.
  3. Natty

    Some of my drawings

    I’ve been drawing some of my friends out and I just want everyone to see how my work is. :)
  4. Natty

    What random song verses do you scream out for no reason?

    I sing a lot of songs, and at only one verse I start screaming it. I scream out "FALSE ALARM, HEY HEY HEY" from The Weeknd - False Alarm. So what song and what verse in the song do you scream out while listening to it?
  5. Natty

    My base.

    Forestry IGN: B3fore ID: -22;19
  6. Natty

    Just wondering, huehuee

    I mean I like calling myself a gorl ;) wink wonk
  7. Natty


    I was bored so I decided to do a poll for Kpop Fans, and to see which band is their favorite. :)
  8. Natty

    My 3rd-4th Intro, opps ...!

    Hi, hello, how are you? Okokok, so I'm Natty, the only Natty (of course). I've been playing on Beanblockz since like on my birthday, 2 years ago. I am 15 (yesyes I'm old, I'm turning older soon), my birthday is in May and that is coming VERY soon, so ahahahh ... ha. I'm a computer addict, more...
  9. Natty

    Update - Intro - Q & A

    What is your name? - Natasha ;) What does your name mean? - someone born on Christmas Day (not true) Where are you from? - South Africaaa Where do you live? - Grenadaaa ( Caribbean ) What do you do for a living? - *ahem* eat,sleep,computer and school. What is your favorite color? - Blue, black...
  10. Natty

    Pfttt totally a next intro ~

    Hiyo everyone ! I'm Natty and I'm an Well-Known Member I know , claps for me ! ^-^ *clop clap* My birthday passed recently ( May ) and somehow MissMRA is my birthday twin ! shoutout for MissMRA ! I have so many friends, it's unbelievable, and I love them sooo soo much ! <3 They are my world, but...
  11. Natty

    Important for the Survivals.

    Hi guys, so I've been on survival for a long time and the reset is coming, but when I just go to different places and there is a lot of abandoned places, and buildings half made and broken, and that is making the server of survival look bad . But I was hoping that maybe when the reset comes that...
  12. Natty

    Entering the Creative Competition

    Minecraft IGN: _techxicallynat Plot number (if applicable): -29;34 Screenshots (not required, but would be awesome!):
  13. Natty

    Song -Pvp Girl

    I sent you money, but you said you didn't receive ‘em But you said you didn't need them That girl is a real pvp pleaser Big world, all her friends know of me She's living like an rich geezer Quick release the cash, watch it fall slowly Those girls still tryna get even Haters mad for whatever...
  14. Natty

    What person are you?

    What kind of a person are you? o-e
  15. Natty

    Merry Xmas <3

    Hello people and strange people :D If you know me and don't know me, I just want to say ''Merry Christmas, and I hope you have a wonderful time together you your family and friends and may get a lot of presents and so on <3" And I was hoping to get a few "Merry XMas or Christmas" back from you...
  16. Natty

    I need love from ya'll .

    I need love so just comment something below ;D I'll return it, I promise <3 But with one weird comment ;P Everyone must do it, I challenge you.
  17. Natty


    Hola~ I'm Natasha, also know as Natty. My ign is SnowNatty (was) EeeOorrr but I changed it. I'm mostly on Op Prison, so if you see me say something like 'does anyone want tokens' on survival or anywhere else, that means I'm WAY to addicted to it. My favorite color is - Blue <3 My favorite food...
  18. Natty

    Love meh :I

    I need love from ya'll . Can ya'll please send a message saying 'I have food waiting for you' :D That would make my day from all the love ya'll giving to me. P.S I love allu of chu guysss <3 :D :)
  19. Natty

    Villain Name

    Color of your shirt- pants or shoes. ( You can choose any ) The last thing you ate. The item or object to your right. Eg (mine) Blue Apple Mouse . Yes, yes that's my villain's name xD
  20. Natty

    What's your favorite ?

    What's your favorite ... Name? Food? Drink? Animal? Song? Color? Number? Everyone answer these <3 :D