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  1. jeepsters

    New&Improved Introduction

    hi! I’m mars. you can mostly find me on creative and survival. here are some facts about me; - I’m 15 - I'm going into year 11 - my first plot on creative was once a party palace - I have a panda on my single player world called bambi - barbara is one of my favourite names - I’m a theatre kid -...
  2. jeepsters

    I did an art?!

    That’s right, finally produced some arty content I know the sig is different from my forums name but it’s my ign on everything else’s lol
  3. jeepsters

    my art!

    we have some drawings and some zepeto edits from December-February (before you ask, I don’t have zep anymore or my ig for it) here’s the link! ⬆️
  4. jeepsters

    make a story

    okay, so game rules: -between 1-3 words a person -you can comment multiple times, just make sure there are other people between your comments! -one letter words (a) can be used as a 4th word, as they are single letter how to play: you have to use 1-3 words to create part of a story! be as...
  5. jeepsters

    mars' intro <3

    Heya! I'm mars. My ign is velvetmars I'm 14 years old. You can probably find me on c1 or s2. Named after the planet, not the sailor character, but she is very cool. I really enjoy musicals, and starkid are my favourite musical writers/producers/act(ors/resses) I've been beanblockz playing for 5...