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  1. YoureToxic

    This is one reason why i still play on this server!

    I would like to start off by saying, I appreciate every single one of you all, even if you don't know me. It means a lot to know that people will take the time out of there day to throw you a surprise birthday party on a block game, Because obviously i cant go out and celebrate it. That's the...
  2. YoureToxic

    Skyblock Selfie

  3. YoureToxic

    Unscramble the word

    Word Unscramble Rules: Unscramble the word given by the person above you. Example: ERD Answer: RED Then provide a Scrambled word for the next person to Unscramble. First Scrambled word... DIADSA Hint: It's a brand!
  4. YoureToxic

    Rhyming Game

    So I saw this on another forums I am active on. It's called the rhyming game and what you do it you must use a word or phrase that rhymes with what the person above you posted. The starting word is Train Edit- If the game comes to a standstill I will post another a new word to start with.
  5. YoureToxic

    1.8 PvP Worth A Try?

    Okay, so as many of you know Skyblock has been reset and is now on 1.9. But along with 1.9 comes many good things and bad things. Such as the new blocks and things in that nature. But the PvP is HORRID. Nobody likes it so i was doing some research and was like, I wondered if there is a plugin...
  6. YoureToxic

    Thoughts about 1.9 PvP?

    What is everyone thoughts about 1.9 pvp?
  7. YoureToxic

    A YT intro I made for a friend

    So what do you think about it? Any suggestions?
  8. YoureToxic

    Rate The Youtube Banner I Made

    So this is the first banner I made and I wanted to get peoples opinions on it? So what do you think about it?