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  1. Coww

    Getting rid of Mob Stacking

    we all know what it is that red tag that says 2x skeleton (stack) yeah... that. what I want to do today is persuade the server to rid of that and let the mobs be on their own. first, you don't get all the drops. if you have a 11x skeleton you will only get 3 bones after killing that...
  2. Coww

    Ranks :>

    ok I I've got commander. I wanna buy titan bc I wanna break my own spawners instead of asking someone else. so idk how to purchases work on this server bc there different on every server sooo….. if I buy titan do I have to pay the full 120$ (or 200$ when there's no discounts) or just pay for a...
  3. Coww

    Zoinks Scoob

    what is your favorite scene from scooby doo? its currently 1 am and this is my source of entertainment. mine is from the movie. not the most high quality gif of my favorite moment but it will do. if you can find a gif plz use it so my small goldfish brain can have a visual.
  4. Coww


    Ello. I'm thy one they call coww (or just cow for those who forget the second W) Any Ways, I am here to request something. now I don't know if this counts as media/art but I honestly don't know where else to put it sooo I am requesting for someone to make me a final skin. this will be the skin...
  5. Coww

    Concerns on Reset

    before I start on what will be many misspellings and a lot of rambling, I just wanted to say that this is not a hate post. I respect all staff of the server and their decisions, please don't take this as a mean post. also please correct me if I'm wrong on ANYTHING. I will sincerely apologize if...
  6. Coww

    updated intro

    Hola, people of the bean. I've done an intro before but that was like 2 years ago I should prolly make a new one :) a few things about me 1: I'm super introverted 2: I love Kpop (EXO and NCT and PTGN) 3: I cant pick a favorite color (super undecisive) 4: I'm in my second year of high school...
  7. Coww

    ~Updated Into~

    Hello! I'm Known as CowChildMoon mostly on sky block and survival and here is an updated list about me! 1. I Mostly Play On Survival Red And sky block as a "Lone Wolf" I guess you could say 2. Besides Minecraft I obsess about TV shows and "ships" within them also I am a huge k-pop fan 3. I'm...
  8. Coww

    Intro bc i can

    Haii I'm Emily [or moon] dis is an intro, so grab ur popcorn and Nutella! its about to get Boring AF My real name is Emily, but on games its Moon or moo I'm a cow child k-pop is my life [Got7, BTS, Twice] many more :> <--- that's just creepy you can find me on survival red <3 I have a demon...