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    Wow! I don’t know many people who can play a harp! welcome back to bbz!! My favorite color is lavender, but more muted and gray than neon
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    fun forum game that i dont know how to title

    Activity groups
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    Hey sister

    Hey sister
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    Get To Know Your Staff Beans: Week 75 - SpicyPoof!

    This may be a political question but- do you believe all the birds died in 1986, due to Reagan killing them and replacing them with spies that are now watching us, And that the birds work for the bourgeoisie?
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    Discord thinks I'm still banned?

    I suggest saying your discord name and tag here so they can deal with it quickly and swiftly :) I hope it gets fixed! only mods / staff can fix that though
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    sUnNY iT'Z caMM dO u StiLL plAY!?

    sUnNY iT'Z caMM dO u StiLL plAY!?
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    Word Games!

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    ok sorry - \( • - •º)/ -
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    I'm not dead. I play again. I'm back. I remember you. I hope you remember me.

    I'm not dead. I play again. I'm back. I remember you. I hope you remember me.
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    If those don't work you can do what uhrora said before. /survival1 /skyblock /creative and it will send you there immediately.
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    It's skinny camel not skinny c for mel. thank you. (beanblockz history)

    Well i've been around bean blocks for a good 4-5 years but the people rotate so often i'm sure there are many who don't know me at all! It tis I, camm. Ok so here's some minecraft history. FIRST! i played sky block all the way back in 2015. THEN after about 6 months I converted to a hard care...
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    Word Games!

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    How long does a claim remove request take?? (survival1)

    Ok so Camm here. I own hobbit hole village as many know, and of course some1 just happen to think they were automatically part of the community there and claimed and built when they were not permitted to. Their claim was quite close to the other claims and obviously in the mountain range (the...
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    how do i put colours on signs? (creative)

    *pro tip* For survival (idk if it’s the same for creative) scertain directions change to pigment of the colors, in one direction a white will show up, to the left or right of that a grey will show. Play around with it ;D
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    Question About Resets

    basically the world would have to reload.
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    be the last to reply [GONE VIOLENT] [NOT CLICKBAIT]

    flag pole, 2:15, square up.
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    did something change? can't get on

    I already posted something like this before but got little to no response. I cannot get onto bbz, but i can get onto other things like hyp. I currently have to be on 1.11.2 b/c my computer can't update, but i didn't change anything and it is now all the sudden not fully connecting me. It let's...
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    Can't log on?

    I’ve tried to turn off and turn on my WiFi, though I have not tried my Ethernet cord... I will try that tomorrow. Also thank u for helping out! <33
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    Can't log on?

    Hello! I've been having troubles logging onto Beanblockz for the past 2 or 3 days. it says Connection lost BEANBLOCKZ NETWORK the connection has been lost! Please try again later! Which is strange b/c this has never happened to me before ? I've restarted mc and my computer, i've waited days if...