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  1. SpecialCam

    It's skinny camel not skinny c for mel. thank you. (beanblockz history)

    Well i've been around bean blocks for a good 4-5 years but the people rotate so often i'm sure there are many who don't know me at all! It tis I, camm. Ok so here's some minecraft history. FIRST! i played sky block all the way back in 2015. THEN after about 6 months I converted to a hard care...
  2. SpecialCam

    How long does a claim remove request take?? (survival1)

    Ok so Camm here. I own hobbit hole village as many know, and of course some1 just happen to think they were automatically part of the community there and claimed and built when they were not permitted to. Their claim was quite close to the other claims and obviously in the mountain range (the...
  3. SpecialCam

    did something change? can't get on

    I already posted something like this before but got little to no response. I cannot get onto bbz, but i can get onto other things like hyp. I currently have to be on 1.11.2 b/c my computer can't update, but i didn't change anything and it is now all the sudden not fully connecting me. It let's...
  4. SpecialCam

    Can't log on?

    Hello! I've been having troubles logging onto Beanblockz for the past 2 or 3 days. it says Connection lost BEANBLOCKZ NETWORK the connection has been lost! Please try again later! Which is strange b/c this has never happened to me before ? I've restarted mc and my computer, i've waited days if...
  5. SpecialCam

    Staff reports??

    Hello my beaner boiis. I have something i'd like to report, or at least get noticed but I'm unsure on how to report a staff!!!! I only know how to report a player! And i do not want the mod i am reporting to see it!! If you could give me a link or instructions that would be great! Gracias...
  6. SpecialCam

    Let’s start up ideas for a prize

    My oh my. I’ve not noticed that skyblock is rolling off a cliff! As an old time sky blocker who has been playing for about 2 years I’ve seen people come and go because they’ve become bored. I honestly don’t think this will turn out well but I want to get something rolling here. Everyone create...
  7. SpecialCam

    O h hi.

    Litterally every1 who is active on skyblock already knows me but... Hola, my name is Cam. I litterally only play skyblock and just sit around for hours, not exaggerating, though sometimes I’ll pop in on creative or survival. I’m probably the most annoying person you’ll meet because I talk so...
  8. SpecialCam

    I need MC help.

    Alright you belly boiis, I can't long into minecraft anymore. It says my internet is off??? "Play offline" is what the button says on the launcher. When I try to play bbz it says "not up for maintenance" but i think that's just the default "you can't connect" because it says people are online...
  9. SpecialCam

    hello friends.

    It's me, ya person Cam. I guess I'm the first to post here but.... WELCOME To SKyBLocK Bbz.COme FoRum ChAT ThinGy! :D Have fun. Also I'll always listen if u wanna talk to me. good bye ! <3
  10. SpecialCam


    Look at this ugly boii. I love him. Lol. Edit: I forgot to say I used a ref. For his nasty pose.
  11. SpecialCam

    Purchasing issues??

    YeA so as u can already tell, I'm having issues with beanblockz store. It's not like I bought anything (yet) but it's the money info. It's a little screwed up for me right now, but I think it's because I have a new Ign. (cqntqlopecam) Ok so when I go to the store, i type in my name, go to...
  12. SpecialCam

    Signature help!

    hello fellow beaners! I want to know how to get a signature / the box (or gif) of information below your text! I have tried that one helper post but when I try to save the download it takes me to a huge page of code numbers and stuff! I’m going to keep trying! But any of you know how to do...
  13. SpecialCam

    Alphabet game!

    Well ok. Hello. Do anything you want lol. idc. You can take this down this was a test for something heh.
  14. SpecialCam

    This is me! Ew cringe.

    Hi! My name is cam! I mostly play skyblock. My current ing is cqntqlopecam, but it changed every few months. I’m an artist and a gamer. I don’t get hungry, it’s like a disorder I have. (Don’t worry, I’m not trying to starve myself, I love food and eating.) Anyway that’s me! Woop
  15. SpecialCam

    Soon resets?

    hola! I’ve been hearing rumors that creative and skyblock are going to reset soon. I’m not saying now, but I mean like this summer. I know resets happen when they are needed, but anyone have a general idea of when these two mini servers will be reset? Thank you.
  16. SpecialCam

    Christmas!! (YC_Yam_Cam)

    Don't know but i'm doing but thats i'm user ^^