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  1. Hope_Mikealson

    Signature Question

    How do i put a gif on my signature. I'm confused, I've been trying and it's not working. Can someone explain it with details.
  2. Hope_Mikealson

    Updated Intro 2019

    So my name is Kithara but i preferred to be called kit or my in-game name "Hope". My ign is Hope_Mikaelson, if you know where that is from than :). My birthday is November 1st, I like building on creative a lot. I have discord, but can't show it since it has fonts so just like give me yours. My...
  3. Hope_Mikealson


    I was afk in spawn in faction for 3 hours and came back dead and lost ALL my stuff. Thats unfair since spawn is a safe space how did i die? Im really annoyed rn and no mods are online other then on survival and there ALWAYS afk. I haven't seen a non afk staff in ages. :< Im really mad though.
  4. Hope_Mikealson

    My VERY late introduction

    So i'm one of those people who doesn't look on forums much, and I NEVER noticed this. So i thought i make a little intro. (very late) I've been playing bbz for a while this is my newer mc account i used to have a old one, but it got hacked sadly. I'm around 13 years old, i'm in 7th grade and i...
  5. Hope_Mikealson


    So duckybutt1427 won't trust me to this claim where all my stuff is. Its been like a week and she hasn't been on for 6 days. Is there any possible way to get my stuff back?
  6. Hope_Mikealson

    My stuff is gone...

    Ok so i was trying to spawn a polar bear and it just vanished same with some other items i tried to place...
  7. Hope_Mikealson

    BBZ history

    Im making in C1 a history thing for bbz. Can people plz tell me some events that happened through the years?
  8. Hope_Mikealson

    Disable MSG

    Is it possible to Disable Msg and PMs?
  9. Hope_Mikealson


    Just wondering but does the nether reset and how big is the nether cause ik that people hv found the border in the nether
  10. Hope_Mikealson


    So on prison you can Pvp in plots and i was chilling in my plot and someone went and killed me and took my stuff and would not give it bk and when i came bk killed me again and again until i just logged out. PLz remove pvp on plots