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  1. Megannn

    Some of my art :0

    Enjoy bois I've gotten much better since last time uwu
  2. Megannn

    Do we get (unlimited) sellwands back?

    Hey, after the reset it looks like no one has gotten sell wands back. I asked a Sr. Mod and they said you have to repurchase but they don't know the limitations of the unlimited sellwand. I really want it back because my dad will kill me if that purchase was useless cause I only got it almost 2...
  3. Megannn

    i gOt a CaT

    He's so adorable, his name is Angus and he's 5 months old (we got him from a rescue place)
  4. Megannn

    Beggars (i get kinda ranty)

    This is a huge issue in the Survival community. Everytime I'm online I've got people in the chat saying "buy me a rank!' or 'Give me 1m so I can get a parrot' etc. and I'm sick of it. Can someone please explain to me why people beg! It ruins the fun of the game which is starting off your house...
  5. Megannn

    This isn't working.

    Okay now I feel even more uncomfortable with people calling me Biannca. Yes, my name IS Megan. I tried to hide it from everyone but no, it is. and that fr is me. Thank you.
  6. Megannn

    Real Name?

    Hey, most of you might know me as "Megan", "Meg" or "Nagem". I'm sorry but that's not my name. My real name is Biannca, but you guys can start calling me Biannca or Bee :D My old pfp was a picture my cousin took of herself to cover up for me. I'm not showing you guys my real face cause I'm shy...
  7. Megannn

    Cake Invaders

    Plot name: Cake Invaders IGN: 1sts Plot ID: -21;7 Screenshots: BTW: The giant cake behind it is mine too, I just made a small and a big one!
  8. Megannn

    Not playing as much [FRIENDS ONLY NEED TO READ]

    Hey everyone. Today isn't very much as a happy post. I've basically lost interest in minecraft. All I think about is my friend Amy having certain issues. She'll be okay with me using her name, but not what's going on. She can tell you all why I'm quitting as I explained it to her in more...
  9. Megannn

    Fences/glass panes being weirdos in 1.13

    ^^^^ So basically 1.13 came to the server aand now everytime I accidently smack my face into my fence I go through the fence because the fences are not connecting anymore and I get teleported back. halp pls solve why is this happening
  10. Megannn

    It takes me 5 minutes to log in.

    Does anyone else have this problem? I keep getting kicked and I just want to know.
  11. Megannn

    Why in factions when I type /fly and when I fly and open my inventory I fall?

    Pretty much in the title. In factions, I'm flying around in my fac ground and I'm fine. Then I need to get something out of my inventory then I end up falling to the ground. pls halp i am confusion x k bye
  12. Megannn

    New profile picture! ^^

    Ahh took me a while to draw ( this is a part of a larger drawing that's still wip on the other person in it ) Ahh I love it so muchh ( light is coming from underneath ;D )
  13. Megannn

    Things I.. slightly dislike and love about forums/beanblockz ( I STILL LOVE YOU BBZ )

    i NeEd tO gEt tHiS ouT Now 'hate' is a strong word so I'm saying slightly dislike. 1. spam bots. go awayy you are not welcome! 2. whenyourbanappeal/playerreportgetsrejectedandyoucrieverytiemuntilyou'reunbannedunlessit'spermanate 3. Resets. 4. Hackers. ( Kinda rare now.. but you shudda seen the...
  14. Megannn


    Mermaid entirely by 1sts.. me xD ( With W/E ) No texture pack on ATM
  15. Megannn


    -cough- inspired by @Aless -cough- SO.. What you do is you write three words to a story, then you leave it to other people to use the three words you've used ( NO REPLYING TO YOURSELF, 1 PERSON AT LEAST HAS TO BE IN BETWEEN MESSAGES ) Example: @AmySmith : One day I @Meq : One day I went...
  16. Megannn

    My 100th message - Shoutout to Amy :)

    Wow.. 100 messages ( this being the 100th ) I'd like to thank my mum and dad, my sister.. But most importantly; Amy. Amy's been with me for ages and is probably my BEST friend :D If you see her online her ign is AmySmith :) Go thank her for being an amazing person! Although we fought a bit...
  17. Megannn

    hi. what projects are you doing on the server!

    Hey I'm bored and I want to know what you creative beans are doing on the server. Like.. what are you building or trying to accomplish? I put this in server discussion because.. It's what you're doing online! I'm working on my new house on skyblock. :> any ideas? aNsWerR tHe poLe pleAsE Love ya <3
  18. Megannn

    My very. Very. VERy late introduction

    Hi kids I'm 1sts and I started playing BeanBlockz in like 2015 #RIPOLDBEANBLOCKZ bye lmao this is random but mk.. I've never really done a proper introduction. HERE's A PROPER ONE FOR YOU :) Hi! I'm Megan/1sts I've played BeanBlockz for a while I'm a New Zealander (KIWI) who's been in the...
  19. Megannn

    Requests/Art Thread

    Request something for me to draw in a convo \/ \/ I'll post it on here ( If you want ) or give it to you another way.
  20. Megannn

    If I switch accounts, could I switch my payments I have made without spending more money?

    The title pretty much says it. so -- I've been wanting to switch my minecraft account over to another one, but I can't do it as I have ranks on many servers. The most important are Hypixel and Beanblockz. I'm going to message someone on hypixel too, but may you tell me if I could do this? (...