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  1. tyad51

    Tiff you're making me blush omg and like you're such a cutie too!

    Tiff you're making me blush omg and like you're such a cutie too!
  2. tyad51

    yours too |-/

    yours too |-/
  3. tyad51

    Mansion/castle build showcase

    Thanks Alexis <3 <3 and yeah pearlpai it did take a long time but it was worth it, hope I see a thread with pics of your house ;D
  4. tyad51

    Mansion/castle build showcase

    I just noticed that :c I tried fixing the links but idk what's the problem so here is the link to the album on imgur
  5. tyad51

    Mansion/castle build showcase

    Since survival is reseting I wanna showcase the house AlexGalaP and me built on blue. It was meant to be a mansion at first but then it escalated until it became a sorta castle. He was an amazing builder and I wanna credit him fully for this cool house In honor of all the times we...
  6. tyad51

    Announcement Survival Reset Announcement

    PVP arena??? Wow! Time to die bc of my poor pvp skills xD but actually that sounds pretty cool. And finally /wild!! I can't wait to reset tomorrow :D
  7. tyad51

    Announcement Recent Updates & Changes

    Last time they allowed some players to test it out because there was a problem when they did the reset and the lag kept killing the server so I hope that doesn't happen this time. Also last time it was at 12:00 a.m. UK time but since Jesse hasn't posted anything I don't know what's gonna happen.
  8. tyad51

    Announcement Recent Updates & Changes

    The reset is still on this Saturday? And if so, which time? I wanna get moving as soon as possible :3
  9. tyad51

    Announcement Recent Updates & Changes

    If you can prove that that claim is inactive and abandoned for sure, it's a great idea. But just deleting all plot claims after a month would be bad for people like me that take too much time building. I have a castle with 40,000+ claimblocks and bc of school and personal stuff I stopped coming...
  10. tyad51

    Halloween Skin

    With the same hairstyle? or can we change the color of the hair? Like with ombre brown/orange hair?
  11. tyad51

    September Moderators

    Congrats to the new mods and gl next time for those who applied :p<3
  12. tyad51

    Song title game

    Man in the mirror (MJ)
  13. tyad51

    Song title game

    Should've said no (Taylor Swift)
  14. tyad51

    Song title game

    Evacuate the dancefloor (Cascada)
  15. tyad51

    Song title game

    You (the pretty reckless)
  16. tyad51

    Survival Blue

    If you are a rank u can bypass the limit, i've seen 110 ppl online thanks to ranks
  17. tyad51

    Scheduled Maintenance

    Well now how will I procrastinate on monday!? D:
  18. tyad51

    RP Ideas?

    Epic medieval rescue rp? Wizards rp?