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  1. xhypo

    Creative Group Selfie !!

    Thank you, everybody, who came !! Happy Holidays ^.^
  2. xhypo

    Skin Help

    Hey, Guys! So I've had the same skin for a pretty long time now (pft 1 week) and I've decided to change it. So, I wanted to know if anyone would be willing to make me a skin ^-^ If so, please follow the requirements below!: -Must have brown hair, not too dark though -Green eyes -Option#1 ...
  3. xhypo


    Hello, Everyone! Most of you probably know me as Hypo. Today I’m going to be making my second introduction, as my last one was on July 18th, last year. I’ve changed a lot over the months, and I decided to make a new, and fresh introduction. My in-game username is xhypo My real name is Arielle...
  4. xhypo

    Beanblockz Build Competition "Garden"

    Minecraft IGN: xHypo Plot number (if applicable): -4;7 Screenshots (not required, but would be awesome!): Good Luck to everyone else entering <3
  5. xhypo

    Minecraft crashing

    Edit: Issue Solved :) , a staff member can lock the thread Hey, so I was on minecraft today, and I was experiencing a bit of trouble. My game kept crashing and showing me this message: Click me And this was happening multiple times. I tried changing my version, and restarting my computer but...
  6. xhypo

    Creative 2.0 Question

    Is there a possible way to remove this sidebar on creative? : Thank you for answering !
  7. xhypo

    Five Letters Game

    I've picked five letters, and I've listed them. The next person has to make a sentence using the five letters in beginning of words. The next player then has to make the sentence, then leave their own 5 letters . For Example: Player 1: A Y C T E Player 2 : Are you coming to eat (Player 2...
  8. xhypo

    Halloween Skin

    Hi Everyone :) This isn't a competition , though I've just wanted to have a small thread focusing on making a Halloween thread :D If you'd want to participate in this thread, read down below: This is my current skin : I highlighted the face because for my skin , I've personally wanted the...
  9. xhypo

    Slack: #Starpo Funny Moment

    Hello Everyone. I normally never post stuff like this, but my friend asked me to. Slack is a website where you do calls, or chat. @Starrrr , dared me to 'fake fart' in the call. Below is her footage because I didn't record: Slack Call Keep volume down, it is loud at the end Use Captions If...
  10. xhypo

    Beanfest Results o3o

    Hi, so many of you may or may not know Beanfest happened today on the Beanblockz at the EST timezone at 6 pm. For those of you who were wondering , 'Beanfest' is a festival . Basically I just wanted to share some screenshots I got from the whole celebration. Feel free to leave your own...
  11. xhypo

    Introduction :3

    Hello Everybody ! So I have realized that I have been on this website for quite a while now and I have never made an introduction. So below will be some 3 basic facts many of you guys already may or may not know. My IGN is xHypo I am currently 14 years of age I have a 'Knight' rank on the...
  12. xhypo

    Well-Known Member

    Congratulatiions to me !! <3 I just got Well-Known Member Rank on forums . GG
  13. xhypo

    Drawing Comp *CLOSED*

    Hello! So I was wondering if anyone would like to draw me my skin as best as possible <3 There is no time limit, and I have listed my skin below. --=1 Place: I will follow you , and give you free hugz for dayzz, and your drawing will be my beanblockz avatar! --=2 place: I will give you free...
  14. xhypo

    Summer Build Entry

    Minecraft IGN: xHypo Plot number (if applicable): -3;-6 Screenshots (not required, but would be awesome!)
  15. xhypo

    Story Game

    So basically its really simple, just make a sentence and keep going to make a story I'll begin for you: One day there was a grumpy potato
  16. xhypo

    Thread Lock

    I feel that players on forums should be able to lock their own thread. If you don't want anymore comments on your thread, then why should you not be able to lock it? I feel maybe it should be like a well-known member and higher that should be able to lock their own thread. I don't really think...
  17. xhypo

    Voting Crates

    Hi all. I have been thinking that maybe we should either add new things to the vote crates and take out old/boring things such as cobblestone, voter kit and stuff we normally get. I feel we should also increase the chances of getting items that are very rare. For example : Permanent Fly Anyways...
  18. xhypo

    Active Member

    I finally made it to Active member ! GG ! Now I can change my username XDD ( Only took my like 100 days , no big deal ) xD
  19. xhypo

    Posts Viewing

    So I was just wondering, is there a way to view how many posts you've posted xD . I know if you look under your avatar it says "Messages" but its not the same thing. I want to see how far or close I am from becoming a "Dedicated Member" and I obviously cannot find any button to view any of my...
  20. xhypo

    Christmas Build Entry

    Minecraft IGN: Baconhugger03 Plot number: /p 21:- 42 Screenshots: I built this with my two friends: HeyImHypo & CuteLoveAngel