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  1. Kris

    Introduction :)

    Hello friends :) I'm Kris, or Kristen, and you may know me, as I have been around since 2015(I know I feel old just saying that!). I mostly play on the Creatives, Survivals, and Prison. I really want to get back into Factions though, as I remember playing it with my friends ( @shiv @marian the...
  2. Kris


    Just a little thing I put together!! :) (At Danielle's request)
  3. Kris

    Kris's 2018 Introduction! :)

    Because I'm way too lazy to make my own format, thanks to @shivsalot Anyway, here's my introduction for 2018! :) (Also Shiv, I noticed that you used English spellings??) What is your middle name? My middle name is Renee. I was named after my aunt, and my great-great-grandmother(Never met...
  4. Kris

    Thanks! :)

    I've only just realized that I've hit 5000 positive ratings! I know that's just a number, and to me, it is also just a number, but what I think of is the people behind the number. I love you all! <3 I've only been on the forums for almost two years, and I've already gotten this far! Time sure...
  5. Kris

    Survival Blue :)

    Survival Blue with @camahta & @Emii :)
  6. Kris

    Random Dirt-Throwing Experience

  7. Kris


    So...I'm a fan of fanfiction. (Yes, I just said that.) I've decided to write a fanfiction about the two most-loved(?) people of Beanblockz, Thomas and Jesse! *cough* everyone ships them okay!? Thanks @hot such an iNspiRAtiON...
  8. Kris

    What language should I study/learn?

    I've decided that I should learn another language. Yes, I know, this is completely random... Please vote above, or tell me in the comments(replies) what I should learn! I am going to actually study and try to learn the language. Have a lovely day!
  9. Kris

    Face Reveal??

    I know some of you have asked what I look like...and now I'm sorta comfortable with myself and showing my face on the vote! :) (Also comment cause I'm bored.) Much love! ~
  10. Kris


    If you guys haven't heard yet(inhales)... LIZZIE AND JOEL ARE GETTING MARRIED!! <3 (I ship) Thanks @Shiverr I can't life anymore...this is wayyy toooo cuteee o.O
  11. Kris

    School Uniforms

    So, I'm doing an English essay about school uniforms. I'd like your opinion! Please vote on the poll above.
  12. Kris

    Hair Color

    So, I've been thinking. I need a new hair color. I've already had pink, magenta, blue, purple, and red/orange. I was thinking black because its a natural color... Please leave suggestions in the reply section. Thanks lovelys!~
  13. Kris

    What am I doing with my life

    I went to the thrift store and bought all the Britney spears albums there...
  14. Kris

    Bad News...

    I just found out I have to get surgery on Thursday... I may be inactive for a bit, but I don't know yet.I will most likely not be able to walk for a couple of weeks, and I have school coming up, which sucks. This is very stressful for me and I apologize in advance if I get snappy with you, it's...
  15. Kris

    Survival Blue Village!

    Hey guys, it's Kris...again... I'm making a survival blue village with @sermiii . I was wondering if any of you would like to join? Application: 1. IGN 2. Do you have a rank, if so what? 3. How long have you been playing Beanblockz? 4. What is a preferred nickname that we should call you? 5...
  16. Kris

    Profile Picture Contest!

    Hello Beanblockz members! I'm Kris, your host today! okay okay let's cut to the chase... I'm holding a competition!!! I REALLY need a new profile picture, and I was thinking I could do a contest! Requirments: -Able to upload to Beanblockz and other platforms. -MUST be your work. (I will...
  17. Kris

    My Updated Intro!

    Hello, my name is Kris, otherwise, know as Netty! You may call me either one, I have no objections. :) Some commonly asked questions? What is your full name? Kristen Renee...I'm not gonna tell you my last name you stalkers! How old are you? I am currently 12 and will be turning 13 in 4-5...
  18. Kris

    Signature Update

    Just updated my signature! Let me know if you like it and it I should add more! <3
  19. Kris


    I'm new to Teamspeak but I'm pretty sure it's not supposed to be doing this... Umm...any help would be appreciated. Thanks!
  20. Kris

    New IGN Ideas...

    (Thanks @SmhSam for helping me come up with these! <3) I will be changing my IGN next week and I need your help, yes yours, (hahaa makes me sounds like a superhero lmao) to help me decide. Please vote on your favorite option. You may also leave suggestions in the comments. <3