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  1. Parodia

    Appreciation Post

    This is an appreciation post for Jesse who's been working hard for this revamp. #BlessyJesse Also thank the lord for no economy on Classic, time to get this grind going.
  2. Parodia

    Survival 2 Village Applications

    I have a village/kingdom that I'd like people to apply for. Please take some time answering the following questions, I will mail you in-game if you make it in :) filtering helps me sort out problems if they do occur. 1. What's your IGN? 2. Discord? (Required) 3. What's your building style? 4...
  3. Parodia

    Concerning the cap on Claim Block

    Apparently, there's a maximum amount of claim blocks you can have?? When was this added & why??? I'm building a very large structure & can't claim all of it bc I'm at the limit. Hoping that the amount is increased! (its 10,000 claim blocks btw for max amount.) P.S. The structure takes up 9,400...
  4. Parodia

    Why does everyone want parrots??

    I know parrots later in the reset will cost 1-2M in survival, but thats waiting 8 months-ish & in that time you can get more than 10M with the right grinding method. So why would people still want them? they aren't useful...
  5. Parodia


    So, I am doing a thing where when it is close to summer, in appreciation of the meme, I'm building a 128x384 map art of the yodeling kid in Walmart on Survival Blue If you would like to help with this unholy beast of a project to go down with the inevitable map reset, PM me or comment as I will...
  6. Parodia


    I was on survival blue earlier and got myself an efficiency 5 pickaxe. (YAY FOR ME!!) While mining, I died from suffocation, and since it was near my home I thought, "They wont despawn, it's okay." Well apparently nothing despawned except my efficiency 5, unbreaking 3, fortune 3 diamond pickaxe...