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  1. SimberTheDragon

    Simber's Updated Introduction

    So it's been 3 years since my first introduction and I feel the need to introduce myself again as there are many new faces (as well as old faces) to the BeanBlockz server so I just wanted to say hello again and some stuff about me. My name is Simber and my In-Game Name is SimberTheDragon. You...
  2. SimberTheDragon

    Colored Chat isn't working?

    My colored chat on the server isn't working. I know the command but when I type it in it says I do not have access to the command and I'm ranked Titan. I don't know if it's my minecraft settings, player settings, or player commands that's the problem while on the server. Am I doing something...
  3. SimberTheDragon


    How do you become an "Active Member" or "Well-Known Member" like is says on the bottom of the profile picture of people sometimes? Is it due to forum posts or likes? Logging in? Or the amount of friends you have? I'm still trying to understand the forums and reading everything as I'm new.
  4. SimberTheDragon

    Music Suggestions?

    Tell me what's good to listen to?
  5. SimberTheDragon


    Hello. Since I'm new to forums, I do have a couple questions regarding Moderators. Nothing bad though. 1. When do they usually call/hire for more Mods? 2. What are the requirements to become a Mod? 3. When is the next time they will call for applications to become Mods? 4. Where can we find the...
  6. SimberTheDragon

    Simber's Introduction

    Hello everyone! My name is Simber and my In-Game Name is SimberTheDragon. You probably all know me already as I play a lot of Skyblock and just started Survival for the first time. However I'm making this thread because I am new to forums :3 Minecraft Background: 1. What made me want to play...