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  1. ILuvMinecraftHehe


    Hippy japanes new yur guyz!1!1!!1 hehe XD hav gr8 dey wowza this yr wen so fast
  2. ILuvMinecraftHehe

    fanoort fur mah h8ers >:(
  3. ILuvMinecraftHehe


    guyz hoo luvs cre8tiv cos i do :D i luv skin cops coz i alweys win LOOLZ XD
  4. ILuvMinecraftHehe

    Wuts ur fav gam

    HI GUYZ :D so as u now I a vary pro gamur so I’d like 2 now wat casual pleyers (unlik me) pley in there spare tiem :) Ma fav hardist games r: Barbie drezz up Roblux Mc As u can sea i luv vary challenjing games hehe XD Wuts ur guyz fav games >:(
  5. ILuvMinecraftHehe

    ME IN SIMS 4

    OMG :D a loyel pepper of min who qwuit da surfer mad me in sims 4 XD injoy!!! Based on me irl XD pic for referunce
  6. ILuvMinecraftHehe


    Hi fanz i thot hi XD why nut mak a fanoort competishun?!?!1 so hear we gu: U hav to make a fanoort of me an da best 1 goes in ma sig :D INJOY!!!1 :mad:
  7. ILuvMinecraftHehe


    hi fwiends jesuz luv yu and yur waifu hehe XD stey loyel >:(
  8. ILuvMinecraftHehe

    GUYZ it me

    Hi geyz happy 2017 thot i wud shar a short get 2 now me ting hehe hear it is XD Injoy an injoy >:(!!1!1 What is your full name? Wtf i no tel u pedofile!1!1!2 >:( GRR Are you named after anyone? Ya haha i namd aftr maself :D What does your name mean? Idk smthin kool meybe hehe XD Where are you...
  9. ILuvMinecraftHehe


    i had yumey scrumey dinur 2dey :D i had a luvely stew wowzer XD it had beef witch wus delishus an piping hut gravey YUM YUM XD it had frash caroots an pees an sheetcorn :D tehn i had a delishus yogurit strawbee flavur XD tehn ma mommy lit me hav a sneeky chocolit bar becuz it narly eester hehe...
  10. ILuvMinecraftHehe

    ApulOcelut Xmas

    Hi guyz me an ma fwien werk rly had 2 mak tihs apulocelot xmas plut for the competishun :D we def gunna win hehe XD tok abt 30 hrs haha enjoy @AppleOcelot
  11. ILuvMinecraftHehe

    Christmas fanoort for servr!!!

    Hi guyz :D me an my grama werked rly had on ma ipod to mek this fanoort for ma fav surfer hehe marry xmas!!
  12. ILuvMinecraftHehe

    cokeeng chilly cake hehe XD

    GUYZ i maek dis chilly cake wit veggys hehe XD i vary prowd wat u theenk?? :D
  13. ILuvMinecraftHehe


    Deer apul, I vary sory 4 disliks i mad tihs pos as a sry i hop we be can fwiens :) Hears a fanoort i mad 4 u And i mad poeim 2: Hi apul U r gr8 An kool An gr8 U shin lik a stair in the ski :D pls be frien an forgiv <3 @AppleOcelot
  14. ILuvMinecraftHehe

    were 2 find compooter doctur?!?!

    GUYZ sum nice beenbloxian gif me leenk to free amuhzon gif card so I sey WOWZERS and go to leenk but be4 I culd downlode sum1 tel me mah compooter infectud wit virus I sey WAT?? so I clik leenk it gif me to cure virus but uhnuther virus atak mah compooter >:( wat it meen my compooter infectud...
  15. ILuvMinecraftHehe

    titens vs steelers >:(

    y steelers haf to steel frum titens it maek me vary mad!!1! >:( just bcz we haf titen rank thay theenk we spend al dey long halping with w/e and then steeling frum us wen we sey no!! wel I sey I haf enuf uf steelers steeling frum titens!! hoo else uhgree wit me??? I say it tiem 2 maek a...
  16. ILuvMinecraftHehe

    biskiterinoos LOLZ

    hi fans hehe XD soz for the vary scandullus biscut pic but todey i haf biscut and he lok liek this and i say WOWZERS that vary hawt and cool haha XD so i finully deside to gif my fans name congratz guyz:D u now be cald ma biskiterinoos haha XD LOLZ now now u probz wundereeng wat i gona cal my...
  17. ILuvMinecraftHehe

    Lizzie an Joel WEDDING

    Hi guyz so hapi tht joel and liz r gettin married XD i drew fanoort pls injoy an coment :D
  18. ILuvMinecraftHehe

    new me hehe XD

    new pfp new me haha XD it ok fans it still me i no change tht much ok ok?? haha stay loyal peeps XD
  19. ILuvMinecraftHehe

    Alphabet Wordz

    Hey guyz let talk aboot a hobby o mine XD I lik makin wordz in my alphabet soop haha wat words do u mak in urs?? Leav below :D Here a lis of evry word I mad so far: Soop Kay Smiel Hapy Angrey Mad Haha stay awsum guyz!!:eek: Id love 2 now so i can hav more words 2 put in my soop
  20. ILuvMinecraftHehe

    beanblockz bday cake

    hi guyz this my bday cake design for my bday that coming up soon haha XD so excited it gonna be beanblox theme baloons and everything!! haha cant wait @viewful @Netty @Campy hope u guyz liek my bday cake :D