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  1. claireanne

    'Forever Land' by the Best Meme Team Around

    Minecraft IGN(s): claireanne, outsins, OceanicSonata, Squibidodlee Plot number (if applicable): 16;-21
  2. claireanne

    Comic Requests

    Yesterday, I tried my hand at quick comics, and I really like the outcome! I've decided to open up requests! Just comment below this form: How many panels?: Dialogue you want: Colored or black and white: I'll try and finish these as soon as humanly possible.
  3. claireanne

    Finding Screenshots

    Recently I've been seeing a lot of people including in player reports that they can't find their proof that they took in game. This will be a Mac tutorial and a Windows tutorial. I hope this helped! I encourage you to ask questions, and share this with your friends if they need any help.
  4. claireanne

    new ign !!!1111!!!!!

    omg help i need a new ign pls help im a desperat bean
  5. claireanne

    Proper Introduction

    I realized I never really introduced myself to the server. Here are 10 quick facts about me: 1. Nickname: When I was younger I was called Claire Bear, or Baby Claire. I hated those nicknames so much. 2. Eye color: Brown 3. Hair color: Black 4. Fact About Me: I've been out of my country...
  6. claireanne

    Summer Home Summer Comp Entry

    Minecraft IGN: claireanne Plot number: -12;3 Screenshots:
  7. claireanne

    Encouragement Thread

    So recently I saw a lot of negativity on BeanBlockz, and I decided to make this thread. I have put a lot of thought into this, so please don't abuse it. Here's how it works: You have to choose whether you want to be encouraged or if you want to do the encouraging. You can do one or the other...
  8. claireanne

    ~ Pity Party Skywars Map ~

    So I decided to build a skywars map with @GamingPotato44 hey yo @Thomas make this a map bby xoxo
  9. claireanne

    Screenies w/ Staff

    Here we will be posting screenshots that you all have taken w/ us! You can post too!
  10. claireanne

    Christmas Competition Entry

    IGN: claireanne Plot Number: can't find it :/ Screenshots: attached I had help from the following lovely people: DJLizzie MyChemicalKenzie and mintyshines My build is of Santa's Workshop, with Reindeer Stables, a huge snowman, and Mrs. Claus' house. Hope you enjoy, and good luck to everyone!