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  1. WeBareBear

    bears very lovely and creative intro :-)

    heya there! I'm bear. i've already made one of these intro thingys, but... I think it's time I update you guys on my life: ) so w/o further a do, welcome tooooooo.... Bears Very Extra And Marvelous.... INTRO hey, im bear, also known as the (most hot) and GORGEOUS living thing on this earth...
  2. WeBareBear

    SURVIVAL~ I Have a challenge for you!!

    Calling all survival-survival2 players! I have a challenge for you, that includes ingame cash prizes! Listen and stay tuned to know more! Heres the challenge: you must got a whole minecraft day (24 minutes) without /fly on. You are NOT allowed to be in a building, you must be out in the wild...
  3. WeBareBear

    Be Respectful Lil Beans

    Hihi. So I wanted to come on here quickly to talk about kindness n stuff. This sounds soo cliche but I promise you that I'm not a 40 yr old mom that owns a Range Rover, so bare (bear) with me here. Being kind is toughhhhh. It's way easier to be rude to people. Like WAY easier, which is why I...
  4. WeBareBear

    BBZ~ Love-a-thon ~

    I recently logged on and saw how nice and kind everyone was being on S2! It gave me this grand idea: soo.. I have conducted a plan! Down in the comments, tag someone you believe works ULTRA hard. It can be anyone of any shape, form, ethnicity, size etc! Show your appreciation for them and if...
  5. WeBareBear

    You're beautiful~

    Hey you. Yeah, you! You may not know me, I may not know you, but hey, just wanted to tell you that you're worth it. I needed to tell you that you're beautiful. that you're perfect in every way and do NOT need to change because some imbecile told you you had to. You are you. Why change when...
  6. WeBareBear

    ~Bear's Intro~ (New Mod owo)

    Hi guys! I'm Evelyn, though most people (including my science teacher!) call me Bear. I've been on this server since 2015, yet my dumb butt didn't know there was a forums until 2017. So alas, here I am. I've wanted to apply for mod for years, but I've always chickened out. I don't know why...
  7. WeBareBear

    mod application- good luck!

    Good luck to everyone applying for mod! I'm sure that if you don't get in this time, you'll get in next! Be sure to keep your head up and be positive! Ps: don't lie on your application!
  8. WeBareBear

    Disney Invaders!

    Plot Name:Ice Castle Attack IGN:NxrthernLights Plot ID: -7;-24 Screenshots: Those are not all the obstacles,I just put in my favorite obstacles and photos!If you want more,just...
  9. WeBareBear

    Christmas Comp [My Plot]

    Ign:JuicyRepublic Plot ID:25;-10 Screen Shot links: Notices:I edited this and changed the plot ID because I built a better plot.The first screen shot is from my first plot which doesn't count anymore.Here is the...