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    Continue the lyrics of the music (Congratulations - PewDiePie)

    Hello guys, so based on the title you should already know what I mean. If not I'll elaborate it. So I'll first start the lyrics and you all continue it. The only rule here is you only get to continue the lyrics ONCE unless another person continued it. Have fun T-Series! (Yeah!) It's your big...
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    Hey can anyone tell me where my dear friend has gone?

    Hey! So the friend request will only be accepted when she's online and accepts it, the friend system was only implemented like I think 1-2 weeks ago. So I'm very sure she doesn't because as you said she was online almost 2 months ago.
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    umm question? what screen recorder should I use?

    If you wanna download Bandicam, click this link If you wana download OBS, click this link Note: for OBS you have to check your computer's specs if it's either 64-bit or 32-bit because OBS has also both of them. To check the specs of your computer (Windows 10) do the following steps: 1. Search...
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    Ima become a youtuber!

    Lol don't ask to be staff
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    be the last to reply [GONE VIOLENT] [NOT CLICKBAIT]

    No u to every1 else and dont reply or else I will do the following to u: 1. I'll Doodoo (poop) on ur food 2. Make you eat the disgusting food you hate 3. Make you suffer metaphorically 4. I will delete your roblox, minecraft and fortnite account 5. ??? 6. I will steal your profit got it? OwO
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    Is this bannable?

    Is using an unscrambler for decrypting a word in chatgames bannable?
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    Ok so...

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    Ok so...

    Thanks! And also it's not inspect element since that's an exact translation. (FYI: I'm filipino so I can vouch that it's real lol)
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    Ok so...

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    Ok so...

    tae in our country means poop in english lmao
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    Introduction (even though I've been playing on here for months now lmao)

    Heyo, I'm YouShouldDiscord. Also that's my IGN. You can call me "Discord" since that's my nick. I play on C1 and I like memes. Do you also like memes? Although I don't know my favourite meme since there are a lot of memes out there and it's VERY hard to pick which one. I also know how to code...
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    so does this mean...

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    so does this mean...

    xd xd xd xd xd xd xd
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    Reasons why I’m quitting beanblockz perminantly.

    Well King and Commander only got some W/E commands so Titan isn't really "scammed" though. But I do get your point though.
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    Opinions on coloured text (And other revamp features)

    Firstly, Commander and Kings only get a few W/E Commands. They don't get all of it like Titans do, so it isn't really a "scam". But at least Commander is worth it buying now amirite?
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    Opinions on coloured text (And other revamp features)

    From my opinion, the coloured chat is good and all. The only thing is that this rank gets to get few colour chats, and other people with the same rank gets it as well to. From that point of, the chat becomes rainbow. Now I think that the colour of a chat should depend on what rank are you. For...
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    Welcome to da server again I guess..?
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    Question: How much time to spend on Skyblock 1 to use your time efficiently?

    (In my opinion) It depends on your preference and how much time you wanna invest in.