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  1. SimberTheDragon

    Get To Know Your Staff Beans: Week 64 - WhippyJaguar!

    Do you enjoy books over movies or movies over books?
  2. SimberTheDragon

    Simber's Updated Introduction

    So it's been 3 years since my first introduction and I feel the need to introduce myself again as there are many new faces (as well as old faces) to the BeanBlockz server so I just wanted to say hello again and some stuff about me. My name is Simber and my In-Game Name is SimberTheDragon. You...
  3. SimberTheDragon

    Colored Chat isn't working?

  4. SimberTheDragon

    Colored Chat isn't working?

    I've been using the right command, and it doesn't work on any of the other servers either. -Simber
  5. SimberTheDragon

    Colored Chat isn't working?

    My colored chat on the server isn't working. I know the command but when I type it in it says I do not have access to the command and I'm ranked Titan. I don't know if it's my minecraft settings, player settings, or player commands that's the problem while on the server. Am I doing something...
  6. SimberTheDragon

    My Updated Intro!

    Hey Hey! Welcome!
  7. SimberTheDragon

    Hello ♡

    Welcome! :D
  8. SimberTheDragon

    ★~★The Introduction★~★

    Oh cool another person of the LGBT+! Also it's cool you're learning italian. Is that a hard language to learn?
  9. SimberTheDragon

    My intro (cause I can't join the server right now and I'm bored) <3

    That's so cool that you live in Iceland! I was actually planning to go there and backpack it with a friend! See ya around creative!
  10. SimberTheDragon

    ゜★・。・。☆ My Introduction ゜★・。・。☆

    Hello! Welcome back to the Forums!
  11. SimberTheDragon

    My intro (why cause I'm bored and lonely)

    Welcome! Ik french and how's Greece?
  12. SimberTheDragon

    My updated intro (about time)

    What do you mostly play on BB?
  13. SimberTheDragon

    Hiii, I am Lotte! <3

    Welcome! I think I've seen you before, if you've played skyblock once or twice.
  14. SimberTheDragon

    Koala's Intro

    Welcome! I'll see ya on skyblock!
  15. SimberTheDragon

    Heyy Everyone ♡

    Welcome anyways! Hopefully I'll see you around!
  16. SimberTheDragon

    Intro, literally realized I've never done one

    Welcome! See ya on skyblock!
  17. SimberTheDragon

    Hi :)

    The cat in ur signature is adorable. Welcome!
  18. SimberTheDragon

    I really, Really should've done this a while ago...

    I'm such a fan of Harry Potter too! Hello and welcome to BB! Talk with me about HP anytime!
  19. SimberTheDragon

    A rando came to BeanBlockz?!

    Hello and welcome! :D
  20. SimberTheDragon

    Hello! <3

    Hello and welcome!