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  1. michuna

    anyone willing to draw for me haha

    looking for someone that might want to draw a lil avatar or pfp for me :)) thanksss ♥
  2. michuna

    i need a new skin help

    sigh i always asks for skins XD so on namemc ( ) you can kinda see the style i like XDD... so the outfit idrc.. just something kawaii, maybe pastel and cute *u* if multiple people answer ill try wearing all your skins :D! so yeah 9ufiodjsfoidsjfiodskhjf...
  3. michuna


  4. michuna

    o_O this happened and im wondering if its normal is that allowed/normal? sry just asking xDDD
  5. michuna

    i need a christmas skin but i suck at making skins help

    im looking for someone who likes making skins who will make a christmas one for me ;> i dont want to bother my bae @claireanne xD . so anyone who will waste time making a skin for me then woOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO u can make it look like my other skins that i have with the blU haiR an d...
  6. michuna

    weird thingy

    so livv (BruhItzLivv) gave me this thingy that placed this mini armor stand and she said a person named Owlbeanieboo gave it to her. <- wht it looks like she also said she got this from her too : it makes u go fast she deleted it tho so :D
  7. michuna

    c2 is being weiRD help plssssssssss

    everyone is shouting 'fitmc raid' or something idrk. theyre like spamming and stuff and idk whats going on.. can someone go on and figure out what theyre saying o.e? thanks bye
  8. michuna

    Update.. ty if u read >.<

    i got banned yesterday for the reason ''Jesus''. if i dont get unbanned, i want yall to know this was the best server i ever played on. the only friends i had were you guys tbh.. some friends i made were : @claireanne - u r so fun 2 hang out with, ur rly funny and ur 11/10 awesome @Starmanfan...
  9. michuna

    idk what i should be for halloween help

    help me decide what i should be for halloween ;-; my mom bought me onesies and idk which to wear Totoro, Cheshire Cat, Stitch are le onesies i bought
  10. michuna

    hi frens :>

    hOI is any1 good at making skins? i just realized it was almost halloween oops did i spell that wrong and i dont have a halloweeeeeeeeen skin yet :C im WAY too lazy to make one because im a potato C: and claireanne just made 1 for me lel :>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>...
  11. michuna

    how do i put pictures on meh signature?

    trying to put a screenie with someone in my screenshot ;p how do i do it? idk im a noob and idk what the URL for the screenshot is o.o help le noob pls u get cookies that are invisible they're rly dank jsyn (;
  12. michuna

    such cape matching!11!!!!

    SUCH WOW!!!!! MUCH CAPES!!!!!! MANY SAD!!! @Beep such amaze
  13. michuna

    lol :c

    im not old enuf to be a mod and im cri :c nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo hopefully this server is still up when im 13 :c
  14. michuna

    Creative 2

    Is c2 down? Its been down for a while and it just crashed so :S
  15. michuna

    I saw Lizzie :o

    Did anyone else see Lizzie on survival blue? It was pretty cool! She did leave tho xD People said she was editing her vid. <-- another link to teh photossssss
  16. michuna

    PFP Help :P

    Hi! I dunno if this is the right spot to put this but heres my question: I was trying to change my pfp to something that @HesitantAlien made for me but it said this ;-; : The following error occurred: Your avatar's file size is too large. Please upload an avatar no bigger than 50 KB. Is there...
  17. michuna

    i cant do spoilers halp

    how do i make spoilers? like how do i make pictures show up when ppl click on da spoiler? halp michu ty
  18. michuna

    hello strangers :>

    my name is michu. im on c2 a lot i like writign i like drawing omg im like peeling off sunburns i like making skins but sometimes im too lazy to :> some of my fiends are @ItsAbbeh @Starmanfan @SimplyGrace @LimeMutt @Ravenexa uhhhhh who else uhhhhhhhhhhh @Michuna huehuehue @UGHICANTTHINKOFANYONE...
  19. michuna

    Any Custom Drawing Thingys? :o

    Hi! Im looking for someone that does custom drawings :eek: I might use it for my Youtube pfp or something :eek: You can just msg me or something with the drawing :3 I would like it to have black hair, brown eyes and whatever clothes :D If you can, make it kawaii or animeish or something idk xD...
  20. michuna

    For Ravenexa B)

    @Ravenexa @MaiaMoo On MCPZ hahahahahahahaaahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahaha