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  1. SophieSmile

    ♡ making friends ♡

    i'm a bit anxious to post this but i recently just joined back on the server after a long time and i find it difficult to make friends as i am very shy and don't talk much :c i'd like to make new friends on this server as everyone seems so kind (*^ω^*) i mostly play skyblock1 and i have an...
  2. SophieSmile

    (*´꒳`*) ana's intro ♡

    Hoii ♡..!!.! My name is ella but i prefer being called ana but you can call me either~ ♡ I haven't played minecraft in a while but i recently started playing survival 2 and i also have a skyblock island on sb1 (*^ω^*) I also like other games like League of legends and overwatch and a few more~...
  3. SophieSmile


    My name Ana SMile sWeeT SisTer SadisTic SuPriSe Service Source nO KetChup -big shaq *sigh* Have a goodnight -3-
  4. SophieSmile

    EcatXlady & SweetsPixel's Summer Plot

    Minecraft IGN: EcatXlady and SweetsPixel (EcatXlady plot owner) Plot number (if applicable): 21;-8 Screenshots (not required, but would be awesome!):
  5. SophieSmile

    Ay! :3

    Hi I'm iDubbbz trash and I'm gay okay bye
  6. SophieSmile

    Favorite band? :>

    Hey :3 I have a few favorite bands tbh :> What one is your favourite?!
  7. SophieSmile

    Good Luck :'3

    I know it's a little bit late but good luck to anyone who is entering the building competition this time : ). I have seen some really amazing ones o.x There are so many good builders on this server : D People have such original ideas too. I'm mind blown to be honest ^~^
  8. SophieSmile


    This may seem like a silly question but I was wondering how to get messages. I have 36 at the moment but I don't have 36 on my profile so how are the messages counted? Is it by conversations or people messaging you on your profile? The reason I'm asking is because you need a certain amount of...
  9. SophieSmile

    Twenty One Pilots fan :>

    I don't really know what me and @SweetsPixel 's friendship has come to TBH So here is a picture of our skins |-/
  10. SophieSmile

    Congrats new mods :D

    I want to say congrats on the new mods! I bet you will all do a great job :) And remember if you didn't get accepted there is always next time ;) I didn't get accepted but I will try again don't stop trying. Don't let your dreams be dreams. Just do it <3
  11. SophieSmile

    Help please :(

    so basically on skyblock these skeleton horses spawned and i put a saddle on it and as soon as i go on it it gitches out and this weird message comes up and now it has banned me from skyblock someone please help :<
  12. SophieSmile

    Favorite youtuber?

    I watch way too much youtube.. So as you can guess I have a lot of favorite youtubers :> Here are some :D
  13. SophieSmile

    My skyblock island :D

    Love the new SB
  14. SophieSmile

    Spawners on skyblock

    At spawn there was some spawners for cows and pigs ect but someone changed them to withers and 'they blew up spawn' Someone said that the skyblock was going to reset again and I did so much on it :( please tell me thats not true or rip my disney castle