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  1. Ethereal

    ✧༺♥༻∞ I am a copy cat ∞༺♥༻✧

    ✧・゚: *✧・゚:* Hi, *:・゚✧*:・゚✧ I have changed a lot recently. So I thought it would be only fitting to do another introduction. I am Ethereal, most know me by Sakana though. Now here comes the scary part.. facts about me! I changed my ign because I am 16, people change as they grow. Not much to...
  2. Ethereal

    Hola!! you probably have seen one of my other intros but lets make another Incase owo

    Hola!! I am Sakana, (real name Lara) I have been playing on beanblockz for around a year now. Idk why I am making another 1 of these because you can always find one of my old ones if you cared I am so boring and uncreative so here are some facts about anyone but me... ❃.✮:▹ Facts no one asked...
  3. Ethereal

    Music suggestions? owo

    Haii I was wondering if anyone had any music suggestions for me? I haven’t been able to find any music I love lately.. My music tastes are: Basically Indi (cavetown etc.) pop (Khalid or Billie eilish or like XXXTentaction etc.) Classics (1D and stuff, high school musical) And anything before...
  4. Ethereal

    (・ω・)ノ hey you, yes you! Come look at this sick new intro :)

    If you clicked on this with that title then I am sorry you must be super nice. I thought since I got mod I should redo my intro as my old one wasn’t really me anymore :) Haii, I am Sakana but my real name is Lara. I am 16 and i live in Australia. I have been on forums since feb 21st however, I...
  5. Ethereal


    Haii! Well im not good at these things and idk how to start this haha. I have been playing beanblockz for about 6 months now? idk haha I cant remember but like not long if you cant tell im new on forums. dont be stranger though :) just because im new doesn't mean that I cant talk. my ign is...