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  1. salti

    Christmas Sketch <3

    ♪♫ Have a holly jolly Christmas...♪♫
  2. salti

    kitpvp :)

    i know no one went on kitpvp, but i still liked it. so i want to see how many people would want it back : ).
  3. salti


    is anyone going to check my Purchase Report? i made it 2 days ago and still have no answer.
  4. salti

    hopping on the band wagon

    not that anyone cares, but obviously you could see now that i haven’t been on bbz in a month i am now officially quitting. i have reasons, some of them being are that i am very busy and that i got bored with minecraft, and the others aren’t that nice to the server, so i’ll keep it to myself. i...
  5. salti


    I was just wondering why threads on Questions are getting locked. One, they never got locked before and two, you don't need to be locking them because the person hasn't marked it as solved. I understand that this may cause repetitive answers, but you could just ask them to mark it solved. Also...
  6. salti

    my ugly sketches

    here’s some of my sketches (the crocs and eyeball one isn’t finished)
  7. salti

    Opposite Game

    The Opposite Game works like this: [Person]cat is to .. [Person 2]dog, heat is to.. [Person 3]cold,(etc.) So you're basically saying the opposite of what the person above you said I will start this by saying, alive is to..
  8. salti

    Overgrown Amanita Forest Base || Base Invaders

    Plot Name || Overgrown Amanita Forest Ign || Veyro Plot ID || -9 ; 13 Images || Images of The Inside || Also, this can be done in 5 minutes or less.
  9. salti

    old beanblockz

    I was just curious of what people missed most that got updated.
  10. salti

    Survival ~ llamas

    Hello I don't know what I'm doing wrong, but whenever I try to breed my llamas no baby appears. I tried to abandon the claim, I tried taking the carpets off of them, and there's only 2 of them, so it's not like there's too many animals in the claim. I also tried to egg them but there's name tags...
  11. salti

    How Do You Get A Picture Underneath Your Comment

    I was wondering, because I am dumb, how do you get a picture/gif underneath your comment.
  12. salti

    Any October Birthdays?

    I can't wait for October not only is my birthday on the 10th but I also love how fall really starts to set in. Anyone else have an October birthday?
  13. salti

    A New Spawner :: Skyblock

    I was wonder what you guys think about having a new spawner added. I would really like the new spawner to be a wither skeleton spawner because that would be a more efficient to get wither skulls which you can then make a wither then make a beacon. I remeber on old skyblock where people were...
  14. salti


    I am bored still
  15. salti