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  1. butterflysoup

    forum ranks //

    hi!! lmk if these have been updated: i have taken these off @shiv ily <-- credit. i feel like this should be in the important information section as alot of people dont know how to rank up. Newcomer - 0 messsages Member - 20 messages Active Member - 100 messages Well-Known Member - 250...
  2. butterflysoup

    sell wnad

    hello if you rename a sell wand would it still work or is it done for
  3. butterflysoup

    bear did an introduction so i will do an updated one for me too

    rins amazing cool cash money introduction HELLO MY NAME IS RIN AND MY IGN IS BUTTERFLYSOUP bear did an introduction and i will copy her and remake mine i love you bear INTRODUCTION FAQ what the hell does your username mean it sounds gross? my username is based off my all time favourite game...
  4. butterflysoup

    ign ideas 3: halloween edition//

    halloween is the season!! its october so its time for some halloweed inspired and themed in game names/usernames! time taken: 17minutes and 3 seconds all these usernames are not TAKEKN unless stated how long until it is free. i hope you all love these and are ready for the haunting hour to...
  5. butterflysoup

    how to get yourself out of bed each morning with a few easy steps//

    you've been having those days for months where you don't feel like doing anything- you don't feel like getting out of bed, you don't feel like eating, or sleeping, or doing anything at all. you're not alone. thousands of people feel like this daily like you, and trust me. there are little things...
  6. butterflysoup

    fun forum game that i dont know how to title

    ooook hi..time to start a game that is alot of fun and u will have fun the first poster will post 2 words, such as microsoft windows, and the next poster will use the 2nd word in their post. Example: post 1- microsoft windows Post 2- window blinds Post 3- blind Mice get the idea? ALSO...
  7. butterflysoup

    the longest message in history (i am not original)

    hi this has been dlone before okay,, you try to make the longest sentence in history. so, for example.. quote: person 1: i person 2: don't person 3: know and so on. good luck, and i'll start: the
  8. butterflysoup

    alphabet soup

    has anyone seen those videos that are like your all time favourite characters or celebritites reciting the alphabet with their own quotes? lets remake that, beanblockz style. if you have NO idea what i am talking about, this is how its done: How to play Alphabet Soup we'll start with A A is...
  9. butterflysoup

    art trade thread

    // hello! there are SO many artists on this forms/server and i'd like to call for all our beanblockz artists! on this thread, you can attach a character ref for one (or more!) of your ocs, and your discord (if you have it!) tag! that way, if other fellow artists would like to trade with you...
  10. butterflysoup

    ign ideas 2//

    me just as im writing this up: oh boy this'll take forever me: lol it did // hello!! today, i bring you part TWO of my ign ideas! i promise you, theres gonna be so so so much more this time and i love them all i want them all AAAAAAAAAA anyways yeah! i have checked ALL of these and they are NOT...
  11. butterflysoup


    hey, my name is rin and i play on survival blue/2! this reset has absolutely been my favourite and i love all my friends so damn much on here! since the revamp is in two (2) days, on friday, i would like to share some of the most memorable moments i've had on this gamemode. i'll be tagging the...
  12. butterflysoup

    ign ideas//

    ok, me being the stubborn chic i am will not change her username from butterflysoup until she dies and i thought of some really cute igns!!! that u could use if you feel like a change!! they're in sections or catagories, so you could find one you like easier. none of these are actually taken...
  13. butterflysoup

    save the earth//

    hi ya’ll!! today i’m bringing you a way to save the earth. a few simple tips of what you could do to make our planet a better place!!! i really love these and i’m proud of coming up with them!! save the earth// turn the lights off after leaving the room; this is self explanatory- as well as...
  14. butterflysoup

    what to do when you feel bad//

    i know i was in a slump for a while and whenever i am, i know i'm always looking for some help so this is what you are also looking for, this is your sign! keep fighting, you'll be okay again i promise! <3 what to do when you feel bad// have a long, hot shower. cry if you need to, sit on the...
  15. butterflysoup

    a losers guide to a good break// part ten

    hi lovelies! i'm back with part ten of algtagb! its very short, i'm not feeling that creative atm. //part ten after school; visit your school at least once. see how different it is without all the kids and soak in the silence; it costs nothing to be kind; make it a challenge to smile at at...
  16. butterflysoup

    rank color change?

    i was stoked to find out that the we were getting the OG nick colors back. i was like, hey, i missed these. but honestly, looking back on it now, blue suits titan more and everyones gotten used to it. i know alot of people hate this change. i'm not speaking for everyone when i say this, but...
  17. butterflysoup


    thank you so much everyone!! (s2) i love you all so so so damn much and your birthday card on s2 made me actually cry literal tears you all mean the whole damn world to me and im grateful for you all!!!! you really surprised me today and i have never been happier ever in my life omg thank you...
  18. butterflysoup

    sell sticks, etc

    since sell sticks and condensed sticks (are they called that? correct me if i'm wrong lmao) are the new thing on factions, survival and skyblock, i was wondering, what would happen if you lost the said stick? would it be 7 dollars down the drain, or is there a way to get it back? i am aware they...
  19. butterflysoup


    i see that alot of people have images of their names in their signatures, i was wondering, how do you get a link to put them there? my friend and i have no idea how to do this lmao please someone help us
  20. butterflysoup

    losers guide to a good break// part nine

    i love this thread series so much! it's really creative and!!!!!!! reply with some more creative activities to do and I'll add it to the next one^ //part nine finger food; go to a super fancy restaurant and only eat with your fingers. costumes; dress up in your fanciest outfit and head off to...