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  1. Maffi


    greetings, it is I, the girl who vanished a few months ago. My ign was ewmaffi. I go by the online alias of maffi or prae/praexhal. idk why. I cannot play on beanblockz anymore. (I messed with mods and it broke me game) I like dogs. I like books. I like the sims. I like swearing a lot - I got...
  2. Maffi

    Beanblocks IN THE SIMS.

    Hello human beans, it is I, maffi. I like to play the sims 4, I also love the bbz community, why not put both together!? In this thread, you can give me the info I need to create you as a sim ( Such as 3 traits, what you want your name to be and an aspiration!) I will also update you guys on...
  3. Maffi


    Hi. I like sketch toy and I like drawing. if ye want a sketch toy drawing from me, pls ask here :3
  4. Maffi

    Should i quit?

    Hello. I'm Maffi and you've probably never met me. I'm gonna tell you a story and ask for help as I'm considering quitting... It was 4/6/16 (Or 6/4/16 or however the other way of saying the date is) and I banned xBunnyBanzai2008 / ThatGirlBunnyYT for spam and disrespect from my realm. She has...
  5. Maffi

    Help, i need to challenge me-self

    I use Paint to draw. It sucks. I'm meh at drawing. Give me stuff to draw or tips. plz, Me Drawings: (Yus, I use bases, I'm using Paint for godsake) (First Paint with bases :P) (Some OCs - Anna is my personal fave, just realised I never finished Lucy's eyes, oh well XD) (This is my best...
  6. Maffi

    The Roasting Game

    Roast the person above you.
  7. Maffi

    Creative 2.0 New Medieval Town - Lostview

    Hello Everyone! I have recently started building a MEDIEVAL town called Lostview and I need people to help build and live there. Introduction to LostView In a secluded corner in the Oscal Region of the Bean Continent in the World Of Minecraftia, lies a small growing city called LostView...
  8. Maffi

    Kawaii/Maid City on Creative 2.0

    Hey all! So, on Creative 2.0 i'm building a town/city that looks like it could be one in real life. (Let's face it, as I right this all it is is a pavement/sidewalk, a road and my house) I NEED PEOPLE. Application: IGN: Building Preference (Houses/Scenic Areas/Shops etc): Any builds you've...
  9. Maffi

    'The Rainbow Isles' Book series character applications.

    Hello dear reader, on Wattpad, I write stories which all take place in the same place. (Rainbow isles - island being a colour and every city on that island is a shade of it) I'm running low on ideas for characters, whether your barely a involved in the story or become our main character's best...
  10. Maffi

    You've found the Cat Memes Thread.

    CONGRATS, you found the CAT MEMES thread. AKA the spam of cat memes. START ZE SPAM!
  11. Maffi

    Anime Avatar/Profile Pic

    Hey guys, I recently started messing around with a 'Anime Avatar Creator'. (How I made my glamorous pfp - I'll give you a picture just in case I change it in the near future :3 ) The whole point of this thread is if anyone wants me to make them a pfp/avatar with this game thing. (EDIT: Forgot...
  12. Maffi

    Beanblocks - The Manga Fantasy Game Thing...

    HELLO! So, you made your way into The Beanier Scrolls...(Elder Scrolls? No? *Hides in a corner*). Who said this game was gonna be easy? The First Post In your first post you must say your characters name, Class (Mage, Archer, Assassin or Warrior) and anything else. Dungeons, Mobs and...
  13. Maffi

    Thank you Beanblocks for everything, but something is going wrong.

    Thank you kind person for reading this and listening to my situation. I would like to thank the Beanblocks community for being amazing and fantastic, I have made so many friends, memorable experiences and learnt so much... Bean blocks is always my escape from the real world, Bean blocks is my...
  14. Maffi

    Share YOUR stories!

    So, I decided to make a thread were I could at least tell my stories (It doesn't matter whether its real or not) to people over the internet. You guys can join in if you want :3.