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  1. maplee

    omG itS mAple !!11!!

    Hey! Hello, I'm Maple! I have realized that I have not done an introduction before, so here I am. Some basic facts are: My in-game name is xoClassicMaple. I am in the Grade 8. I am currently 14 years of age. Now, I'll just list off some facts that you may or may not know about me, and *cough*...
  2. maplee

    1.9 Update.

    So, many people have been asking about 1.9. This is based off of what I have heard and know, and if you are a staff member, feel free (and please do) to correct me. How To Log Onto BeanBlockz. BeanBlockz hasn't been updated to 1.9 yet. So you will have to change your Minecraft version to 1.8.9...
  3. maplee

    Happy New Year!

    Hey guys, just wanted to wish everyone who applied a good luck. Also, Happy New Year! You guys were everything to me in 2015, and thank you guys so much for making 2015 the best year ever! Happy 2016 luvs! xoxo Tagging people: @MinnieFr0m1DLandia Always there for me, fangirling together forever...
  4. maplee

    Would You Rather..

    So I'm starting this 'Would you Rather' thing. If you know how to play this, great! If you don't know how to play, it's pretty self-explanatory. I'll start. Would you rather.. Walk around in the bright streets of Las Vegas :> or play Minecraft or watch Netflix in the comfiest bed in the world...
  5. maplee


    hey guys, Ya know the Christmas sale? I'm considering buying a rank. I definitely cannot afford Titan, and I want to save some money. Any suggestions? Thanks <3 xoxo ~Maple
  6. maplee

    q&A :o

    hello. So recently I hit 100 FOLLOWERS. That's INSANE for me, and thanks soo much to all of my followers and friends who helped get here. I couldn't have done it without yah. So, feel free to ask me any questions, personal or not personal, and I will answer it if it is appropriate. Thanks! <3
  7. maplee

    Back Off Haterrs!!

    hi I'm xMaplePxncakes, and I'm making this thread because I've been noticing a LOT of hate on the new moderators. They just started their job, they're doing what they're supposed to, so STOP THE HATE. It's soo annoying when someone spams, the moderator warns them, and they flip out on them. They...
  8. maplee


    Hello. I know this kinda campaign thread thingie will get a lot of disagrees and unlikes but I don't care it's for my friend <3 If this gets out of hand, I will delete this thread or ask a moderator to lock it for me. So let me start. My friend @DaphDxph was banned for supposedly 'hacking' on...
  9. maplee


    so umm hi I'm doing a celebratory contest, since I got well-known yesterday and I believe I was the first one to get it! <33 so umm here are the rules. You have 2 options to enter the contest. You may not enter twice. First option: Draw a picture of my in game skin. You may not use any profile...