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  1. PinkWeezie ❅

    Appreciation Thread

    Hey everyone! So a few years back there used to be all sorts of threads and posts about showing your appreciation to people you care about. I thought that it would be a good idea to re-introduce the idea and bring some positive atmosphere to the community. Everyone is welcome to participate and...
  2. PinkWeezie ❅

    Important Custom Token Enchantment List - UPDATED

    Hello hello, Players have been asking and wondering what the Token Enchants do so this thread is here to help clear up any confusion! :) Before we get into the actual list, let me explain a little bit about what token enchants are. Token Enchants are custom enchantments where you can purchase at...
  3. PinkWeezie ❅

    Important How to Upload Evidence

    Hey guys, So I know there have been a couple people who are confused on how to upload screenshots and video evidence to player reports because it is not possible to directly paste them without uploading first. Here is a little tutorial on how to upload and paste the links to the reports section...
  4. PinkWeezie ❅

    Fanfiction Writing Contest

    Helloooo <3 So @lillymydog and I thought it would be fun holding a fanfic contest for the forums, so here we are! Just send in your entries through mail (Conversation on forums) to either me or Lilly and we will read over them and decide. The contest will be open from January 30th (Today) -...