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  1. izzyy

    seolar: Competition Entry

    Minecraft Username: seolar Plot ID: -7;7 Screenshots:
  2. izzyy

    Song letter game thing !

    ~ hi ! so I'm not sure if this is a thing already but I decided to create a new game ! ~ how to play: basically, you want to say a song lyric & the last letter of the sentence, you'll have to say another song. yeah I suck at explaining ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ ~ example: person1: 'you'll believe God is a...
  3. izzyy

    How to create a ban appeal

    hiya ! So I've seen many people not knowing how to make a ban appeal, so I thought; hey why not make a thread showing you how ! Make sure you're not creating any fake ban appeals as you may be wasting senior staff's time that they could've been using to read & reply to real ban appeals...
  4. izzyy


    hi ! I've made like what? 100 introductions already? but I decided hey why not make an updated one? (thanks @shiv) - So hi ! I'm Izzy & I'm a moderator & titan on this server :) I've been playing on BeanBlockz since late 2016. - favorite color: Pink gamemode(s) you play on: Skyblock omega, both...
  5. izzyy

    a very important question

    dear kiki, do you love me? ):
  6. izzyy


    hii ! i'm izzy :) - you can call me belle/izzy/bella really anything since my name is isabella & many people in my life call me different names ahah - so i ride horses, play minecraft, go to school, & yeet my favorite color is pink & black you can find me on survival red, skyblock omega, &...
  7. izzyy

    coral lagoon !

    Plot name: Coral Lagoon Minecraft IGN: classys Plot ID: -8;-5 Screenshots: p.s: don't try /p h classys as it's glitched & will take you to another players plot. try the ID if you wanna go there thank you @CherryBud for helping ily <3
  8. izzyy

    continue the song lyrics

    hi ! so i as bored so i decided to make this game up lmao (not sure is anyone already made this up) - so how you play is someone says a song lyric, can be any song lyric. then the other person has to continue the lyric and start another song. yeah i suck at explaining lmao - rules: make sure...
  9. izzyy

    laurel or yanny?

    i heard yanny for the first time, and now all i hear is laurel lmao what !! (btw if there is any drama ab this i will ask a staff member to lock it.)
  10. izzyy

    izzy's very (very) late intro

    hiya !! i'm izzy here are some little things about me ! favorite color: pink 100% live in: kuwait city biggest fear: i have trypophobia in the future i will be: hopefully a mother, wife, and business woman. i'm 15 hobbies: i ride horses for a living i like to pvp you can find me on survival red...
  11. izzyy


    EVERYONE HERE SPAM THIS THREAD & WISH MAMA A HAPPY BIRTHDAY !! happy birthday, @MamaDuckie ily !!
  12. izzyy

    My VERY VERY late introduction!~Izzy

    Hello, so you might have seen me around for a while. yeah,i understand this is really late, but i still wanna introduce myself to new beans! i joined beanblockz in 2016, and joined the forums early 2017. after that, I fell in love with BeanBlockz. i'd love to meet new beans and interact with...