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  1. rwer

    this is probably like my what.. 100th introduction

    heyo my name's fathan, but you can call me rwer, don't get it twisted :cool: im an aquarius! i was born on the 13th of february :) i joined beanblockz around february of 2015, so you can say i'm kind of an old player.. - i love music and art! i take both subjects at my school :) i'm into kpop...
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    an interesting fact

    hey did you know... @marian is the cutest ever?
  3. rwer

    rwer : Competition Entry

    ~ minecraft ign / rwer plot id / -27;-41 screenshots / ~ big thanks to mughty, shiv & apples for the help ! ( ˘ ³˘)♥ ~
  4. rwer

    oop ! spotted mamaduckie afk in skywars !! heh
  5. rwer

    Base Invaders Entry

    Plot name : Winter Wonderland Minecraft IGN : rwer Plot ID : 13;43 Screenshots : here
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  7. rwer

    adella smp

  8. rwer

    christmas competition ♡

    main information. username : ladiescode plot id : 37;2 screenshots : here and here helpers; & appreciation. @vee @alina i'd like to thank vy and alina, for requesting to help me on this build, and spending their time and using their determination to try and finish this build as soon as...
  9. rwer

    Beanblockz Issue.

    I recently got a new PC and before I was able to join Beanblockz, but now when I try to join it says "We can not let you join since you are not on the same computer you logged on before!" is there something I can do? Please help me!
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    (Repost) Sakura SMP

  11. rwer

    The Lie Game

    So basically you post 3 things about yourself, people guess which is the lie. EXAMPLE : I'm a fruit / I'm a human / I like dogs Person : I'm a fruit! If you get the lie right you can make a new lie and so on.. Have fun <3
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    adios amigos

    no stop
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  14. rwer

    New year, new me!

    appreciation to the kindest of kindest @michaeI : You can in my mind first since you've always made my day always cheered me up and always had my back.. Thank you for being there for me michael :) You'll always be my #1 fam.. Thank you for buying me these things I could never afford.. I wish I...
  15. rwer

    ( ͒ ु•·̫• ू ͒)✩ -----[♡]----- Why, hello hello hello there! I've made so many introductions! This is my last one. My name is rwer! :) I'm originally known as Rawr though but my friend nicknamed me rwer so I decided to keep the name! I have the commander rank, I was originally Titan but oh...
  16. rwer

    Competition Entry ⭐

    ⭐Minecraft IGN: rwer ⭐Plot number (if applicable): 36;33 ⭐Screenshots (not required, but would be awesome!): N/A A big thanks to @Shaanya , @Franccois , @Millyy and @Natee for the help ily guys!
  17. rwer

    SIMS 4 | Beanblockz

    hello, everyone! I will be taking requests on creating all off you in The Sims 4 ♥️ And hopefully all off you will participate and let me make you a sim! I will have lots of fun making these sims and I really hope you enjoy what I made :) ༺༒༻ As my love for creating sims I will be making...
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  19. rwer

    Lad's Ahoy Build Entry.

    Minecraft IGN: spacesthetic Plot number (if applicable): -1;15 Screenshots (not required, but would be awesome!):
  20. rwer

    Dorf Village

    Hello! Me, @daffyburped & @okaymillie are hosting a mediveal RP server! It's just an RPing server where it's all mediveal and stuff it's a christmas snowy vibe! If you want to join contact me on forum conversations! <3