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  1. meikryz

    intro ver. 10000

    yo it be ur girl kryztal back with yet ANOTHER intro bc i can't make up my mind aHA. numero uno: me, @beetlejuiced and @haengsyo are kind of a dream team in life. come at us and you will perish i promise you that. numero dos: theatre kid alert; i love musicals with all my heart. as soon as my...
  2. meikryz

    new (and improved?) intro!

    hey! it's kryz, back at it again with some useless information heeehee i decided to make a new introduction because i made my other one a while ago and somethings have changed! that one is also kinda hard to find and i'm now more active on forums so the new people here can find out some stuff...
  3. meikryz

    hey, its kryztal!

    hi! my name is kryztal (commander) and im new to forums! incase yall havent seen me around (ign: retrovelvet) then heres a small intro to who i am <3 i turn 15 in december black is such a nice colour im into kpop and some pretty rock type music im really into pc gaming along with playing on my...
  4. meikryz

    survival moneyy

    can people help me find ways to get money on survival bc im new and kinda confused? many thanks <3